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  1. Has anyone heard if an update will be needed to accomodiate the changes to Daylight Savings Time that are coming next month? I know MS has updates coming for XP and Server 20003, but I was woundering if FM Server 8 Advanced needs an update also. Thanks, Scott
  2. I have tried FM Advanced 8 with VISTA and things worked fine until in layout mode and then the screen goes black when ever you want to move anything.
  3. In case any of you were scratching your heads trying to figure this out, with the help of FM Tech Support I think I have solved the issue. Even though I did not have any validation rules set in the table FM Tech suggested that I check in the script for COMMIT RECORD the box for SKIP VALIDATION RULES. I did this and so far I have not seen the issue come back. Hope this helps others. Scott
  4. I am not sure if this is an IWP or a scripting issue that I am having. I have a form that contains a script that is supposed to automatically put in a date to be processed. Hit and miss I am having CSR's who fill out the form and submit it and the screen goes blank on IWP and the date does not get entered into the record. I have checked my log file and not found any IWP errors associated with this table. I did find an error code 500 at the time near one of these records. This code is "date does not meet validation entry options". My problem is that this table has no validation set for the date or any other item in the table. I have two scripts running to set the date, they are below. Has anyone heard of this happening or can you see something in my script that may be causing this. I have not been able to track it down to a specific time or person, and like I said it does not happen all the time. Thanks, Scott SCRIPT [310] PAYMENT DATE IF cDAY OF WEEK = 2 PERFORM SCIRPT ["[311] PAYMENT DATE M-W" ELSE IF cDAY OF WEEK = 3 PERFORM SCIRPT ["[311] PAYMENT DATE M-W" ELSE IF cDAY OF WEEK = 4 PERFORM SCIRPT ["[311] PAYMENT DATE M-W" #Thursday ELSE IF cDAY OF WEEK = 5 PERFORM SCIRPT ["[312] PAYMENT DATE TH" #Friday ELSE IF cDAY OF WEEK = 6 PERFORM SCIRPT ["[313] PAYMENT DATE F" #Saturday ELSE IF cDAY OF WEEK = 7 PERFORM SCIRPT ["[314] PAYMENT DATE sa" END IF SCRIPT [311] PAYMENT DATE M-W #Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday IF CREATION TIEM < 54000 SET FIELD PAYMENT DATE; CREATION DATE + 1 COMMIT RECORDS/REQUESTS [NO DIALOG] GO TO LAYOUT CSR PAYMENT VALIDATION ELSE IF CREATION TIEM < 54000 SET FIELD PAYMENT DATE; CREATION DATE + 2 COMMIT RECORDS/REQUESTS [NO DIALOG] GO TO LAYOUT CSR PAYMENT VALIDATION END IF
  5. For organizing the claims I was wanting to use the Julian Date and a sequential number for the claim submitted that day. We are just starting so we have no claims form prior millimumns.
  6. I have a database that I am keeping track on contributions to various programs. Multiple people can contribute to a program. I want a report that will list the debits and credits and the balance by contributor for the program. I have a set of entry fields that contain: DATE CONTRIBUTOR MEMO DEBIT CREDIT Then I have Summary fields for DEBIT and Credit. Next I have a calculation field BALANCE which is sDEBIT-sCREDIT. Finally there is a summary field for BALANCE. I set up GetSummary(sDEBIT;CONTRIBUTOR) and similar for CREDIT and BALANCE. I have a column report grouping by CONTRIBUTOR and the gsBALANCE field listed but it shows the total balance for the program not the balance by CONTRIBUTOR. What am I doing wrong? Thanks, Scott
  7. I have a table to hold claim data. Each claim I want to assign a claim number to. I would like it to be the Julian Date plus a sequential number. Can FileMaker calculate the julian date? If it can not do the specific julian date is there a date function that gives the day of the year. If that can be done I can create a julian date. Thanks, Scott
  8. I want to set up a list of each person who modifies a record and the timestamp that they modified the record. I currently have a field that show the account name and one that shows the timestamp of the modification the last time it was modified but I want a historical display. If I can also have the script record what was modified that would be great. Can I get some direction on how to set this up? Thanks, Scott
  9. I have imported data into my database though XML and the data shows on client but when I go to IWP the data does not show in the database. I have IWP turned on for data sharing. Does anyone know why the data imported by XML would not be visable though IWP but is on client? Thanks, Scott
  10. Thank you all for your help Scott
  11. I do not see how to delete the body section. Could someone please advise how best to do this? Thanks, Scott
  12. I am trying to create a column/list report that summarized data by department. The problem is report has spaces where the body is for each record under the department. I have shrunk the body down all the way, but when you have 450 records the space is still large. Is there a way to build the report without the body so I just have the summary data showing? Thanks, Scott
  13. Is there a way that I can script to have a user interface to enter the find parmaters. For example, say I want to find data entered between two dates, but I want to user to set the dates each time they run the script. Is there a way to have say a box pops up that the user can enter the start date (START), and click enter and the another box pops up and the user enters the end date (END) and then the scripts finds START..END? I come from using MS Access and could do this in that program, looking to see if there is a similar function here? Thanks, Scott
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