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  1. Thanks for the help. Basically it comes down to me being an idiot. Somewhere in my infinite wisdom I has Set Multi-User AND Open sets in the script set to hidden! Brilliant, huh. thanks again
  2. I've got the latest FileMaker version (v3) running on all machines. Also whenI use "Open Remote" I can see the Local Host but the files just don't show up. If I type the full path in the space provide ("Network File Path" at bottom) - fmnet:/ - it does open the file without a problem or warning.
  3. I'm trying to share a FM 8 database (Windows) via TCP/IP ... peer to peer. I have one computer as the host with the files in question opened - logged on as Admin with full privledges. I choose Edit >> Sharing >> FileMaker Network. I make sure turn it on. However whenever I change my selection for the "Do Not Display in Open Remote Dialog" that change does not stick. Let me explain... if I make a change to the "Do Not Display in Open Remote Dialog" setting and then immediately attempt to "open remote" via another computer on the network I can see the files as set on the host and everthing works fine. But if I wait a few minutes and try again (that computer or another) the file is not shown in the "open remote" dialog. I then open sharing on the host computer again and it has reverted the settings to not show files. What am I doing wrong? Thanks.
  4. Sorry. No there is not a global tax rate. Each property has its own tax rate and many other attributes that I need to use as part of calculations in the reservations table.
  5. each record in the property table is a assigned a tax rate - they can be the same and many will be the same. each record in the reservation table has a property id that relates it to the property table. i was going to add a new field in the reservation table (Tax rate) and use it to look up the value from the property table. thanks
  6. I just want to make sure if I understand what you said ... I should create a new field in the first table (tax rate?) that is simply a lookup of the tax rate in the property table? That way my calcs can reference local fields and be stored?
  7. The application I've designed is a contract system for a travel company. There are 6 tables in the database intrer-related by various IDs. The problem is that all contracts get updated whenever I update anything in any of the tables. For example, if the tax rate on a property was 5% last year, and then changes to 6% this year, when I make that update all new contract work great, but the old contracts reflect this change and don 't match what the customers were sent. So... is there anyway in which to stop old records from calculating. The way I have it now, the calcs can't be stored because they are based on related fields. I know I can use lookup fields but that just seems counter intuative in a relational database - but maybe not. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  8. Thanks. : Working great. I actually added a simple pop-up on the "admin manager" layout to define the island for each manager. BUT when the ultimate end-users saw that it only let them pick one island per manager they told me that a manager can cover more than one island. For example ... in the file you sent back, the McLaughlin manager covers St. Thomas, St. John and Grenada while the Jennifers manager only covers St. Maarten and St. Martin. So I created a set of checkboxes that includes each island on the manager page. Doesn't work - some error based on the id being a number. I need for the user to be able to choose either one island or multiple islands from the check boxes. I think the relationship has to change in the database - maybe to a many-to-many? Right now the Manager and Island tables are linked by "island id" which is a single number. Really not sure how this should all work. I don't want to keep bothering you, but any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  9. Thank you so much. Attached is the file with the "Required" validations removed. If you're in there and notice anything else that I might have screwed-up, please don't hold back! lease.zip
  10. I have developed the attached system (u: Admin, p: "blank") so far with a little help from those on FM Forums. : Things were going really well until I tried to add several new features. These essentially revolve around limiting what a user can choose from two pop-up menus after having selected a value from a first. In the attached, on the Lease layout >> Property tab it shows three pop-up menus ... island, property and company (manager). The idea is for the user to choose an Island first and then have the values in the Property and Company pop-up menus change. I know I do not have the relationships defined properly on the ERD (graph) as I am not even realting manager to island (I don't know how to do it ... many-to-many I think?) I really need help to try and make this work. I'm new to FM and database design in general. I think I have reached my limit (in terms of knowledge, patience and hair!) so I'm am reaching out for help. Any would be most appreciated. Thanks in advance. lease.zip
  11. Pop-up menu 1 (for Island) shows all Islands from a value list that is defined to pull the Island id from the Island table - but show the island name so users aren't confused. It is defined to put the Island ID choosen into a Global dummy field in the RESERVATION table as this is not where I want to change the Island ID, rather just use it here to limit the next selection. This seems to work fine. Popo-up menu 2 (for Property) is defined using a value list that pulls property id from the PROPERTY table (shows property name so users aren't confused). I have this value list set to only show related items from ISLAND. (This value list is defined to put the property id selected into the property id field in the RESERVATION table.) Like I said the I can select the Island fine, but then the second pop-up menu says . Any ideas? Thanks. BeachDave
  12. I have three tables - RESERVATION, PROPERTY & ISLAND. RESERVATION is related to PROPERTY based on "property id" - in both tables - and PROPERTY is related to ISLAND based on "island id" - in both tables. (There is only one "island id" per "property id" and only one "property id" per "reservation id"). I am trying to create a set of conditional dropdown boxes (based on value lists) on a layout based on the RESERVATION table. The user should choose the island name from dropdown box #1 and then dropdown box #2 would be limited to a list of properties only related to that island. I have seen the other conditional dropdown / value list posts but can't seem to get this to work for my specific sceneario. Any help would be appreciated. Let me know if you need more info. b/c I can post if necessary. Thanks. BeachDave
  13. Thanks Wim. I took a look at your file. Is this the only way to implement? It doesn't seem very elegant. Not your solution but the way FM handles this type of scenario. Is there any work around at all to make it so the user only sees the Name and not the ID? Thanks.
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