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  1. Here is minor update where "Active" field in the "EVENTS" table gets calculated by "Events_2" script using "Replace field contents". I'm not sure how fast this would be in network environment with thousands of records!!! I never had to use this technique. Calendar-8.5_v.2_070410.fp7.zip
  2. Hey Milo, If you can email me your copy I will do adjustments there. The new version has different design and I don't think it would be easy for me to explain what and how to make changes you've asked. Jerry
  3. Here is new version of the same calendar I stripped from my solution (no Print layouts). Working on this version I came to the following conclusions: - Repeating fields work faster then Variables!? - If Get ( CalculationRepetitionNumber ) used make sure the fields order placed in the layout is correct - No advantage to cut down relations use - List functions are fast in the small file (don't know about large data). If anybody used List functions on 10,000+ records please give me a feedback. What is limitation, network, speed? Thank you Calendar-8.5_v.2.fp7.zip
  4. The new version from Ino and me: check the log field in settings page on what's new Calendar-8.5_A_070206.fp7.zip
  5. Hi Steve. Ino has all rights to express his filling. He made a lot of changes to my original code. For myself, I was expecting little bit more then just a comment. Something like: "Here, this part I would do like that, or this way is better than that" with example of code, of-course. There are always passive and active users in the forum and we (Ino and I) would very much like to see actions, improvements and developments, and not only with my Calendar but, perhaps, with any tips, tricks posted in FM FORUMS... I do thank you all for in-put and advise you made : Jerry ps new version is coming soon
  6. I had a time today to make some changes. I'm only half way through. So, I need comments... Calendar-8.5a_070204a.fp7.zip
  7. I just add Next Day and Previous Day to the script, so you can flip through days on the left window and trough months on the right The date on the right window shows as "Jan, 2007" not "Jan, 07" format. Jerry ps Is it time to make weekly and monthly view? Calendar-8.5a_070130_b.fp7.zip
  8. Hey Ino, Thanks for the changes you made. Maybe we should turn this to open development! There are few things I add to it. p.s. Newest version at the bottom
  9. Thank you all. I want you folks to know that I was using graphic/text mini calendar in my solutions since FM v.3. Now I'm working on the new database for rental company. I was asked to make bold dates in calendar when certain event took place or going to happen (start rental, pickup time, ready to make next billing period invoice, scheduled service/maintanance, etc). So, I just shared "mini calendar" part of that solution here in Tips/Techniques articles. I do not hold any copyrights on this and you can use it anywhere and anyway (to-do, schedules, calendars, pay bill days, library returns...) I found a few ideas here for my projects and I hope mine will help to save a time for somebody.
  10. Worked on my machine (mac FM 8.5A). The changes don't appear on the screen until month changed, or just reopen the database. And don't forget to change week headers in the layout.
  11. In "Define Custom Function" first line will have: StartsMonday = 0 ; so, change 0 to 1 If you are not using Advanced FM version I can post database here with calendar that starts on monday. Let me know...
  12. The full scale calendar can be build from it, but what i needed the most is to see "bold" date in the mini calendar for something that was going to happen. My main database is actually the left side of the screen and calendar is just a tool, not vise versa. :)
  13. I had my calendar posted here a while ago: http://fmforums.com/forum/showtopic.php?tid/172191/ Now it's completely re-done with new features. - week starts sunday or monday - all colors are adjustable - event dates are showing in bold Let me know if there are any questions Calendar-8.5a.fp7.zip
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