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  1. Bruce, Thanks, that seems to work out. I was almost there but couldn't quite figure out the set variable function. Your answer clarified it for me and also showed me I was on the right track. Thanks again. Juststo
  2. I have a database that has a number of records, and when I print one of them, I would like to go into preview mode and print the record I am viewing. Now when I go into preview mode, it lists all of the records I am currently browsing, and I need to find the one I want to print. What is the best way to script a find that goes to the current record I am working on when I enter preview mode? I want to eliminate the manual search. This may sound confusing, but it seems like it would be a simple thing.
  3. Help, I am using FMP8 to set up a record keeping database of all of the coorespondece that my company has. Many of these "letters" can be more than a page. Entering them into a field is no problem, but when I try to print one, it gets cut off. I have tried making the field larger but this will many times just print a blank page when the text doesn't fill the field. Is there any way to have a field automatically adjust to the text put into it when printing? Sliding fields do not seem to work correctly for me. Any help is appreciated. I appologize if this has already been answered but I couldn't find it on the forums.
  4. I want to use something like the photo cataloge that comes with FMP 7. I want to attach documents or document paths to my records and then open them from FMP when I need to access them. Is there a way to "open" the attached file instead of exporting it to a new location? For example, if I attach a MS Word doc, can I then "open" it with whatever program created it by clicking a button. I can't find a comand for that.
  5. What if the text field is more than 1 page. Does FMP support fields that large? I have a similar problem except that some of my fields hold letters that can be quite long. Any work around?
  6. I am a newbie, and I am having the same problem. I have a field that I am trying to type 2 pages of text into. I don't mind using the scroll bar function when typing the text into, but when I print it out, the text gets cut off when it goes to the 2nd page. Is there any way to remedy this?
  7. juststo

    Email a record

    5.0 I couldn't find it online either.
  8. juststo

    Email a record

    Ok, I was afraid that I couldn't do a wysiwyg email of a record. Instead, I have been trying to create a PDF with adobe PDFwriter and distiller and the email that. Unfortunately, the fonts come out gibberish. This is only for FMP, other apps work great. Anyone familiar with distiller enough to tell me what the problem might be?
  9. juststo

    Email a record

    Is there a way to email a record to someone? I see that FM has the email function, but that just opens a blank email. How can I attach the current record being browsed to that email?
  10. Hey, thanks a lot. I'll have to study exactly what you did, but it looks like it works great. On my DB design. I am very new to this with very little concept of how things should be laid out or why. I will check out some of your suggestions. Just for my clarificartion, does the design make my DB slower, less effective, or just ugly?
  11. Sorry. Here is an unlocked version. Guest has full access. test.zip
  12. Wow, I am very new to this and have almost no idea what you just said . Sorry. I have attached a paired down version of what I'm working with. Maybe seeing it will help with the specifics. There are two jobs. What I am trying to do is when I add a new RFI and the job number for which it is for, I would like the RFI number field to updated with the next number. I hope this helps. Thanks test.zip
  13. This is possibly a silly question, but I couldn't find it anywhere so here it goes. I have a DB that has many different jobs. All of them have identifying numbers (ie job# 42, job #43, etc). In a seperate table, I want to create records and have each record have a unique serial number for that job. For example I want the 1st record for Job#42 to be 42-001. The next would be 42-002. However if I then create a record for job# 43 it should be 43-001. I want this number to calculate automatically when I create a new record. Any help is appreciated.
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