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  1. Thanks so much I swear I thought I had gone through all the documentation on zulu :-p apparently not
  2. Any Idea what I should do if I have the same problem with MirrorSync? it configured itself to 42424 as well ! FYI: I uninstalled Zulu, installed mirror sync, re-intalled Zulu Both are set to port 42424 instead of port 80 IIS v7 on Windows Server 2012 r2
  3. Just getting started and doing some research/planning before installing everything. I know Zulu supports multiple calendars but does it support outlook categories? I would like to be able to assign different categories along with using with multiple calendars. Also reading the documentation , I don't see field mapping for things like Title or location of the event, just summary and note, where do these end up on the calendar event ? - or should I just install everything and find out ! 😛 Thanks for any help in advance
  4. Sorry for a "double post" I sent this request question ot support email, but then founds this forum and figured it would be a better place. The download link doesn’t download 4.5 it only downloads v 4 (4.3.2 to be precise) thanks for your great work!
  5. Thanks, thought I had checked the permissions , but I reset them any way ( for everything in the supercontainer folder within the user/shared directory) Also realized I wasn't running the newest version (doh!). Upgrading and fixing the permissions did the trick!- thanks re: the problem with &, my code was good, the encoding must have happened during a copy and paste function!
  6. Care to share your wisdom?, or was the advice you received specific to your setup. I ask because I too am receiving a similar error. Is it a permissions issue somewhere? from the log 1/20/10 3:06:12 PM - An error occurred while handling request /SuperContainer/RawData//floorplans/6?width=740&height=350&doNotDownloadNonImage=true Could not initialize class com.prosc.supercontainer.model.ImageResizer error showing
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