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  1. Thanks Comment. You're right. Quite an extensive response to the issue.
  2. Just upgraded to Filemaker 14 from 11. Windows users insist that they used to be able to copy text from a website or email and paste it into a field and the field would impose it's attributes on the text. So for example a blue coloured and underline email address would become black text with now underlining. They say this 'feature' has disappeared in FM 14 and now the text retains the formatting from the source. My experience is that it always retained the formatting of the source but many co-workers insist that they used to be able to paste in Windows and the text would take on the fields font attributes. Which view is correct? If it is possible to lose the copied attributes how is this accomplished? Is it a setting in the inspector or in Manage Database when creating the field? Thanks in advance for all help.
  3. For others who may read this thread and find it helpful, which is what it's all about, here's a 3rd version of your file with the calculations in it that figure out what record in each group a record is, either the 1st or anything else and calculates to 0 if it is the first. TestMOD3BFR.fmp12.zip
  4. Bruce that solved the getnth record question marks at record 72 as well. Many thanks. The last issue is that I need there to be a category and I need the calculation to start fresh with each change in the category. So in your solution the PriorLineRT does not do this. I think the calculation needs to figure out if it is the first record in a category grouping. Can you think of a way to do this? Or a way to start the PriorLineRT as zero in the first record of each grouping?
  5. Two things. Get nth record should be a robust calculation as well and has the advantage that it can refer to the field being accumulated AND to other fields as well. So it has strengths. I've been in touch with filemaker and they have concluded that this is a bug and they will be working on it for a solution. Now as for summary fields I've attached a file. I hope someone will straighten me out here. The numbers make no sense to me. Thanks in advance. Summary Test.fmp12.zip
  6. I can't get summary fields to do what they should either and I believe from Filemaker's site that this function is the correct one for what I want to do. I've attached a file as an example of the issue. It does exactly what it should until the 72nd record then '?' marks start to appear. If you click in the question mark the correct value appears at record 73 but at record 74 you can't even click in the fields. I think this is a bug. Any one have any ideas? Test.fmp12.zip
  7. Here's a link from Filemaker's support knowledge base: http://help.filemaker.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/8389/related/1/session/L2F2LzEvdGltZS8xNDYwMDU0Mjg1L3NpZC9GSm80R3JObQ%3D%3D I have this calculation below in an 'Opening Balance' field but it doesn't work after 29 records. Is there any work around for this? If( Get ( RecordNumber )=1;combinedRecords_GL Accounts_AccountExport::Bal Fwd;GetNthRecord ( Closing Balance ; Get ( RecordNumber ) - 1 ))
  8. Filemaker presented this message (names changed): "John Doe (Sally Smith)" is modifying this record. You cannot use this record until "John Doe (Sally Smith)" is finished. I understand that this is about record locking. My question is why are there 2 names? This is on a Windows OS 8 system and one of these users may have been accessing the file over a terminal server. Thanks in advance.
  9. Is anyone else experiencing pixilated fonts in Filemaker 11 on Windows 8? Any solution? It seems to be something to do with an automatically installed OS update from Microsoft last week. Thanks in advance.
  10. I had this problem too. It was on a layout that was working just fine and then one day it stopped working. I'm on OS X Yosemite on an iMac using FM 13 advanced. I thought of recent changes I made to the layout and remembered I'd added a portal. So I went through every field in the portal and unchecked Quickfind in the Inspector. Now Quick Find works on the fields belonging to the table underlying the layout.
  11. Is there a way to uninstall Filemaker Server 11 on Maverick from the Terminal. The FMS 11 'Install/Uninstall' program won't load. Running on a Mac Mini running OS X 10.9.1
  12. I am trying to serve a small FM file using IWP. I have read here that if I set the guest account to have IWP access and no other account has that then when I go to the URL I should bypass the need for a login. I'm using Filemaker 12. I've got the file settings to log in using the guest account. I've got the guest account ticked to use IWP sharing and no other account has that ability. But it still presents the login screen. Second problem is that it does not run the script I've set to run at opening. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  13. I couldn't find any way from anybody on how to type something into the text field that would be respected by a browser. But I did find a PHP function that does what I need. So the original html/php code was: <dd><?php echo $record->getField("Field_Name"); ?></dd> The revised code is: <dd><?php echo nl2br($record->getField("Field_Name")); ?></dd> which has the effect of rendering the breaks typed into the Filemaker text field in the browser.
  14. Thanks but that doesn't work. I've tried PHP tags too and they just show as text. Anyone?
  15. I think you need to add something like a status field which gets populated with 'Printed' or 'Printing' if someone has printed the order. The field could autopopulate to 'New' when an order is made. So the find would then look for orders that have that product and a status of new which then would get changed to 'Printed' when the first user starts processing the order.
  16. I have a web site that is presenting data from fields in a Filemaker Database. FM 11 Server. When viewing the text in a browser it does not see the carriage returns. Is there a way to embed some html/php in the field so that the browser will add in carriage returns?
  17. I figured it out. I had a folder with the same name as the layout I was trying to get field names for and Of course there are no field names for the folder.
  18. This function is not working in a Filemaker 12 database: FieldNames ( Get ( FileName ) ; Get ( LayoutName ) ) Typically it would create a list of field names on a specific layout. But it yields nothing. In another file it works just fine?
  19. The arrow to show/hide makes no difference. I'm pretty sure this is a Macintosh bug.
  20. I have a Supplier Pop up list in a Quote table. When you move into the Supplier ID field a list of all Suppliers pops up. If you type a 't' the system jumps ahead to the 't's. If you type a 'b' it jumps back to the 'b' suppliers. This works fine on Windows. We have introduced a brand new Mac which runs the database just fine in other respects. But when you type a letter with this pop up list showing the system just beeps and does not move to a new part of the list. Is anyone else experiencing this? Any solutions?
  21. You could do a script trigger that runs when you leave a record and the script would check the values in the fields you want to validate.
  22. I have a client with a similar issue. They have about 50 users all working away just fine. But one system can't see text in a field until they are out of the field or commit the record. This is a PC. What type of system are you on? What version of the OS? What screen resolution? Thanks!
  23. Sorry here's the mofied file:Jobs2.fp7.zip
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