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  1. Hi there, I need your help in this since I couldn't find a clear answer... I have developed a database application in FM8 Advanced and I need to create another application with PowerBasic DLL that will need to draw last_name and first_name data from the records in the Filemaker database. Is this possible? Please my whole project depends on this, reply and let me know! Best Regards Ted
  2. Actually that was exactly what I wanted! Thanx so much... I wasn't aware of the two column printing... Cheers
  3. Maybe I complicated things the way I described my problem... I do have the records, all I want is to display them in a 2 row configuration, instead of the single row that I have them now... I'm sure there's got to be a simple solution to that...
  4. Hi there, newbie layout puzzling question... I 'm trying to show in a 2 row configuration data from a database, in a "calendar like" way. For example, we want to show appointments at a given date. We get the results for that given date and we SHOULD have an appointment every 15 minutes starting from 10:00am (15 minutes is not a rule it could be 30 on occasions). I can only manage to show each appointment time and name on a single line with the next following on the next line... This is how the layout looks now: Header -> Appointments for Date variable Body -> App_Time variable - Last_Name variable - First_Name variable What I want is to have 2 app_time and two names on a single line, then draw a line and then next line. for example: Header as is Body -> App_Time Last_name First_name --- App_Time (next record though) Last_name First_name Draw a line Next record Next record draw a line etc... How can I achieve that? Best Regards,
  5. Is it possible from within a script to show a calendar type entry and let the user select the date from it and then use that date variable for a report. And continue the script of course... Merry Xmas
  6. Ok here's one more... How can I make a runtime executable and install it into a 3 PC network (with static IPs for each PC ie. etc..) and have the database file (just one USR file) to be shared by all... How do I tell the created executable file that the database file is to be found at ?! I did turn on the Network Sharing on the file. I'm pretty sure that from inside the Filemaker environment all you do is use the Open Remote feature, but in the runtime?! Please help!!!
  7. I want to make a script that will backup the database [save A Copy As] with a press of a button to a given location. I want to name the saved file BackUp_$TodayName.fp7, where $TodayName gives for example "Thursday". Is there anyway that it can be done?!
  8. I want to create a Runtime solution application and give it to a friend of mine. He will be entering data in it. If I update the application and want to give him the new version of it, do I just update the executable? I think not... I think the data that he enters somehow is linked with the executable he already has... And on the other hand, if I want to take his data and use it in my [newer] application, [providing that the fields are identical of course] will it work? Is there any special process to upgrade the application/port the data?
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