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  1. Hi there, This is my problem: I have 2 contact databases (CLIENTS and AGENCIES). Each DB contains pretty much the same fields (name, last name, address, city, postcode...). I need to compare these 2 DBs so that I can find any duplicate contact details and remove them. The favorite option would be compare AGENCIES to CLIENTS and remove any duplicate from the AGENCIES DB. Please let me know if this is clear as mud. Thanks NikBe
  2. Hi LaRetta, Thanks for the update. Everything works "brilliantly" (like the Horsehead nebula). Nik
  3. [color:gray]"If you place your logo in a container, you can use a calculation (container) to conditionally display the logo, depending upon whether you have a global flag on (a simple 1 in a field)." Thanks all for the reply. I like the idea that LaRetta came up with (see above). I have the company logo in the header and the company details in the footer. How exactly should I use conditionally the container to have them printing or not? I have created a check box with a global value. What next? Thanks again. Nik
  4. Hi, Does anyone know a way of changing the Sliding/Printing settings, via a script? I have a form view layout with a logo at the top which in some cases needs to be printed in a PDF and in other cases it does not. I don't really want to create another layout, but simply have 2 buttons at the top of the layout: BUTTON 1 for printing with the logo and BUTTON 2 for printing without the logo. Any ideas? Thanks in advance. Nik
  5. Thanks for all the comments above. In the ned I have decided to try the list function on a trial version of FM 8.5. It works exactly as it should and it is very easy to use. I have therefore decised to invest in the latest version of FM. Thanks Nik
  6. I have the same problem as William. However I use FM 8 Pro, not advanced. I therefore cannot create "custom functions". I cannot use the Value List either since the field I try to collect from conatins links to ustored data and cannot be set differently. Any other idea? Can I use parts of the custom function above in a calculation field? Thanks Nik
  7. Thanks raybaudi. Exactly wat I was looking for. Ciao Nik.Be
  8. Hi all, I would like to create a serial nnumber for invoices purposes. I would like to have so that the first 3 digits are letter, then month and year, then a serial number. The problem that I am having is that I would like the date to appear as 1205 for december 2005, but all the time the year appears as 4 digits (122005). Any tips? Thanks Nik.Be
  9. Fenton, thank you for replying. The Suppliers table is not linked to estimate simply because I gave up trying various connections and preferred living it unlinked for the time being. I have infact more than 1 supplier, hence the reason for a drop-down menu. The thing that I cannot figure out is how to link a supplier to an estimate to create a purchase order which is linked to estimates but also the chosen supplier.
  10. I have a problem with a simple DB that I am putting together. I have attached a schema that illustrates the relationships existing in the DB at the moment. What I am trying to fix is the ability in table ESTIMATES to select a SUPPLIER from a drop down menu and, by clicking a button, create a PURCHASE record which is linked to the previously selected SUPPLIER. Please, please help. TIA
  11. Hi everyone, I am in a spot of trouble. I'm trying to set up a DB which contains SUPPLIERS, CLIENTS, ESTIMATES, INVOICES and PURCHASES. I have managed to create relationships that allows me to create SUPPLIERS from CLIENTS. I can create ESTIMATES from CLIENTS and then use those details to make INVOICES. However I have a problem with PURCHASES. What I would like to do is to be able to access any existing ESTIMATE (which is already related to a CLIENT) and from a drop-down menu containing the list of all SUPPLIERS, choose one which will then be linked to a newly created PURCHASE. I have attached below a siplified FM file for you to have a look at. Please help. Thanks. Nik Link to Test File
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