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  1. We have records of each order, and each order we currently have how many of each product that bought and drop down of which artist worked on that order. Also I have it so as soon as they work on the order they click a check box and it gives the date it was worked on. Some orders can have 20 different bags while other orders will have just one. My boss wants the number of bags each artist worked on for that week. Everything I've tried I kept getting the wront results.
  2. I'm trying to get a weekly report with the following things: Artist's name (We have a few) Thier totals for the last week (How many images they got done and put into Production) Everything I've tried I can't seem to get working. I don't get proper totals. Please I'm begging help!
  3. I know I'm a novice, so forgive me when I ask this: How do I go about doing this?
  4. I'm trying to set up a check box and timestamp feature to the database so we know when things moved from graphics into production or in production to shipping, like that. What I'm trying to do is when one of the checkboxes is clicked it updates a timestamp for that specific job (Going from graphis to production). I've tried a few things and I can't seem to get it, all my timestamps update together. I know I'm missing a step in here to seperate them but keep them on one page. Help?
  5. I'm trying to set up reports for items that are in production, shipped or in graphics on a 7 day, 30 day and 60 day sheet. I'm also having issues seperating the products, like small bags that are shipped on a 7, 30, 60 day report. Same with Large bags, totes, purses ect. Any and all help would be appericated.
  6. I tried that, and I got nothing but zeros. I think I might be missing something.
  7. Thank you for the fast reply, I do have a question that might make me sound dumb....How do I create a custom function?
  8. I want to make a layout with fields labeled A through K. I have that done, and now here is where what I want gets a little strange. I want to pull up a number 1-4 randomly in field A, in feild be random 1-2, field C 1, field D, E, F, G with random numbers 1-4, field H 1-2, Field I 1-23, and so on. Now, I don't know where to begin doing this, I was hoping that this was possible and someone out there knows how to accomplish it.
  9. This is just a sample database, with no bag orders, but the same setup as the live one. There is a section for status, with In Graphic, In production, In production: Avo, and shipped. No, I was to create a layout showing me a total for each bag that are in graphics, or in production and such. The closest I came was showing bag totals for the entire database. I'm really at a loss.
  10. I need to take the database we have and have either another layout or database added to give reports. How it's set up, status of the products (In Graphics, In production, Shipped) is a drop down list as is the product quantity list per customer. Now I need to be able to pull certain information from it. Like how many small bags are in Graphics, or how many large purses were shipped. I can't seem to be able to pick all the the various bags in Graphics without having the total from In Production and shipped along with it. I don't even know where to begin to do this.
  11. I'm trying to work on a database for the company I work for. My boss wants a sales report totaling each product we've sold. Now, we have a database with each customer and the items they bought. What I can't figure out, taking the totals of all the small bags sold, taking the totals of all large bags sold, ect and put it on a new layout. All help would be appreciated.
  12. I'm trying to figure out how to imcorperate one database we have for clients orders into another. What I'm trying to do is, taking the items they ordered and have another database to keep a running track of all the purses, bags, totes we sell. I want to have on field for purses with the total of all the purses we've sold, and so on, then at the end of the form have a total of everything we sold. How do I take the information (Well part of it) from one database and stick it into another without repeating layouts.
  13. We have items, b ut these items have several options, like if they want a custom message, Custom Ribbon, 1 or 2 photos and this can be for one item. If they want all of these options, when I download it from the yahoo store and upload it into the database we have for the inner office, each option is it's own record instead of keeping it all together. I do hope this makes sense in how I'm describing my issue. Samantha
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