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  1. Got it! I just needed a second sort order field in the layout... Month followed by date. Thank you for your help.
  2. It's grouping by 1/4/2020, 2/4/2020, 3/4/2020 and so on and subtotalling each. I'm trying to get the report to put all of the results of (say) April in one block, ditto for May... So, dare I ask, how would you configure the report in my last post?
  3. But isn't that what I've done? Month is the only field in the part and it returns (say) a load of 'April's. The problem is that FM is still picking out the individual days. See attached.
  4. Thank you for the quick response but the file Report_Date is not mine, it's the file I downloaded to see how the value fields work. Unless I'm being particularly dim - it happens - I cannot see how the value field has been deployed. As you say, the button on the sample table works... I just can't see how! The main issue... on the report *page* that I uploaded (with the redactions), is that I can extract month from the date field. But when I try to group (via inserting a part) to get a subtotal per month, I get subtotals per day. Thank you for your attention.
  5. My first post on FM Forums so be gentle and don't flame... I'm desperate to ditch MS Access and a virtualised window on a Mac. I've created a new DB from data exported from Access - that's all good. I've got lookup working and summary fields working. I can also generate month and year fields via a calculation from a date field. But for the life of me, I cannot get the report to group *all* records from a given month in one block, no matter what I try. Instead, the report insists on grouping by day. The attachment 'Table' shows the table I've created. 'Report' (excuse the redacti
  6. Any ideas: I've finally ditched PC for mac. I'm still using (for the moment) Virtual PC for Mac and MS Access but I want to move fully to FM8. My problem. I've exported my Access data via ODBC into FM8. Some Tables are fine as they're standalone. But I'm having real problems with linked tables. I can easily get linked tables to show information from all appropriate (imported) tables, but the whole thing falls over if I try to add new data. By this I mean that I can see all of the old imported data but new records will not populate those imported fields. And vice versa - I can add new
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