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  1. Hi, I have many line feeds in the format, 2009-09M170 to 2011-09F493 there are S's and D's too in the mix where I need to get rid of the year (the first four), the hyphen and the '09', which is consistent in all records (it's not 2010-10M398, it's 2010-09M398) and end up with M170 or F493 or M398 Thanks!
  2. Hi: we have an existing solution that has been developed by a wonderful person over a 3-year period. This individual will still work on the core database, but she is too busy to keep up with us and is now a risk to our business model (it's a harsh word, but in a business sense, it's the reality). I am looking for a full time developer who is looking to hone their skills, spend some time with a very cool company that does climate change work and has very unique greenhouse gas emissions software, and help us get this beast of a database under control. You would also be responsible for our raw datasets that we receive from our energy utilities, and reformatting, importing, and exporting tables, charts, etc. for our reports. You will need to learn how to use InDesign (a piece of cake!) and format reports with the data. You do not need to know much about our discipline, but what you do need to learn, you will learn from one of the best! You will need to work with the main developer from time to time. The pay range is $38K - $42K CDN per annum. We are in Vancouver, Canada, so at that pay scale, I would assume interested parties would be local. We cannot pay travel expenses for unproven individuals. If you have solid references from reputable companies, then we are willing to pay some of your relocation expenses. Please send me a message with your email address and I will send you more information. I anticipate you also working with ArcGIS and the right person will move up the pay scale quite quickly if you are diverse in what you're willing to learn. If you are only focused on FMPro, then we are probably not a good fit for you. If you are available to work steady, we would consider remote work using VPN on our server.
  3. Hi: would appreciate some help as I'm affraid I'm still just a beginner. I have three fields: Part No. Bin No. Sub-bin No. Parts go into bins this is an existing spreadsheet we inherited from a parts supplier that went out of business. We want to figure out if a Part No. is assigned to more than one Bin No. and/or more than one Sub-bin No. There are 1.6 million parts, 58 Bins, 1142 Sub-bins. all irrelevant...but you get the idea of what we're trying to do. bins and sub-bins are numeric and part numbers are alpha numeric. Thanks!! Doc
  4. Hi: I have a list of energy consumption records by address. The utility that supplied the data had to manually pull each record one by one from their 'database'. If two individuals shared one account, the record is repeated. So, I have a 500,000 row table with some records with identical addresses and identical consumption amounts. I posted on an excel forum and a nice member was kind enough to provide the following function: =Sumproduct(($A$2:$A2=$A2)*($B$2:$B2=$B2)) It worked, but the file would not save for whatever reason. Tried twice, so, I've converted the file to FMPro and was looking for help with an equivalent calculation in FMPro I need to separate the duplicates (to then delete them)? It's sorted by address then consumption. The logic is... if the address value in column A repeats and the consumption field in column B also repeats, then...(place a marker in column C so I can sort and delete) Thanks!! Doc
  5. I have another question. I have a series of 20 or so fields and ~2.8 million records. The contents of some fields are in full quotes, some are not. Is there a script to remove the quotes from, "JEEP" and "2FTRX18W1XCA8548"? The file is 2 Gb and I can't find a reliable text editor that can open the file. Even so, there are some fields with commas in the contents, so not sure what I'd replace it with as the text editors I've looked at won't let you replace a, " with a tab Thanks!!
  6. They all contain 'Item:', but 'simple part' may be 'generator' or 'hose fitting' or 'fuel pump' for starters, how would I simply eliminate, 'item:' from the text string? because the second string is variable in the number of letters/numbers, how would I simply put the next part of the string in a cell? it may be various combination PKR03 PR838 UR53 you get the picture I'm sure
  7. I'm using FMPro 9 can't figure out how to change that in my profile
  8. I have a simple question. I have an excel sheet with a string of text/numbers I want to separate each part of the string into individual fields if the string is: Item: PK050 - 05 Simple Part 8819GT the formatting is the same with the exceptions noted there are approximately 4000 records I want to separate, 'PK' [sometimes this is three letters] '050' [sometimes two numbers] '05 Simple Part' '8819GT' I don't need 'Item:' Thanks in advance
  9. Hello: we have a full-time position in Vancouver, BC available. Please do not inquire about the possibility of assisting from an off-site location. We need you in our office. Knowledge of web publishing and FMPro 9 Server Advanced is a must. Please PM your contact information and I will get in touch with you right away.
  10. DG2005

    PDF Size

    Why use FMPro's 'export to pdf' function at all? Why not print to Acrobat's Adobe printer? It means you need to buy a full version of Acrobat, but in my opinion, if you working with pdfs, you must have the full version of Acrobat. Also, the pdf maker in FMPro does not create a pdf 1Xa compliant document, a doc that can be printed on virtually any printer in the world. Another notable for mac users printing pdfs (creating a pdf, not printing a hardcopy) is that you hit 'preview', then in the program, 'Preview' you can 'save as' and then use the quartz filter dropdown to select reduce file size. You get
  11. very bizarre...updated the Adobe products, restarted and now I get the save as dialogue box I was looking for...thanks for helping!!
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