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  1. Is FileMaker adecuate to publish on the web a music library for sale, listen and download?
  2. HI, I am trying to populate a global field with the values from a Value List. I can not find the function (or script step) that does this. Any suggestions?
  3. That is what I did, I have three buttons that go to three different fields, the idea is to use only one script and specify the field name on the button parameter, the problem is on the go to field (or set field) script step where you do not have the possibility to add Get(ScriptParameter), because there is not a calculation condition to choose a field.
  4. I am trying to create a script to go to a specific field depending on the script parameter assigned to a button. But the go to field (or set field) steps do not give me a calculation possibility to choose the parameter. Any suggestion?
  5. Hi, here is a variation on Kent's suggestion, with a one line script an no globals. ArticlesIn2Click.fp7.zip
  6. Good answerd sd, maybe you would care to share what some of those tools might be ...
  7. I am trying to extract a mailing list from a list of contacts in a portal. I created a script that goes to the first row of the portal and then sends mail from the field email on the found set. It doesn't work correctly, do I have to loop a script going to each portal record to extract the email? Do I have to go to the related table, perform a find to find only the related records and extract the emails? or there is just a simpler way?
  8. I would like to make an alternative question. Is this the regular procedure for a situation like this? lets forget for a moment the VL. What other approachs are common sense solutions to just entering the student IDs into a course list?
  9. Thank you very much Søren, your solution works well, and I think I am going to go through that path, although I was trying to avoid scripting and find an relationshinp only alternative.
  10. Hi guys, thank you for the tips, but what I am looking for is not to filter the portal, but the value list itself. From the practical point of view, a user will enter the student ID from the VL, but instead of looking a list with 500 names he would filter it, while the portal always displays those studend already regitered in the course.
  11. No answer... Is this possible at all, or I am just totally lost?
  12. I a many to many relationship with three tables, students, courses and registration. A portal in the courses table enters the registred students for every course with the help of a student ID Value list. I want to be able to filter the value list by the first letter of the last name, so I creat a calculation field that does this on the students table and a global key on the courses table. My pourpose is to base the VL on this relationship, but I am totaly stuck. I am adding an attachment of the file VL_filter.fp7.zip
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