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  1. that worked. thank you very much for your help!! i don't use fm very often.
  2. placing that code in the auto-enter calculation doesn't do anything. maybe because there is nothing auto-entered since it's a drop-down list? any ideas?
  3. well, i got it to work, however, by placing the zippScript code in the Validation calculation section for the drop-down list field, whenever i change the drop-down in browse mode it always brings up a dialog box that says ""fieldA" is defined to contain only specific values. Allow this value?" How can I disable that? Shouldn't FileMaker know that I'm selecting the values from a drop-down list? Or is there another area where I should be entering the zippScript code? Thanks.
  4. hi, i have a drop-down value list set with 5 values. i'd like to perform a sort automatically when someone chooses a different value from the drop-down list. is a script needed to do this or is there another method and how should it be applied? my knowledge is basic for filemaker. thanks!
  5. I don't know if this is the right thread for this question, but... I was reading the documentation for Filemaker 8.5 Advanced and was wondering if I have the Mac version can I make a Windows runtime app with it? It seemed as though, reading the documentation, you have to use the Windows version to make a Windows runtime app. And the Mac version to make a Mac runtime app. I hope I'm wrong and I can make both with the Mac version?
  6. Thanks for your response. Hmm, neither one of those work so well. The one is a Filemaker 3 file. And the other after decompressing the .sit file, I can't even open. Maybe because I'm on an Intel Mac? It just shows as a Unix executable. Guess I'll just have to build my own if there's nothing out there.
  7. I mean like Quicken or Microsoft Money or iBank for Mac. Just something like that. It doesn't have to connect to the bank online. Just let you keep track of all the transactions, etc. Like a computer checkbook.
  8. so, out of all the people on this site (are there a lot of people on this site?) no one has any idea about anything remotely relating to this?? is this thing on?
  9. Solution / : Banking Description: Does anyone know of a good Filemaker solution for tracking bank accounts? I've searched on here and fmfiles.com and can't seem to find anything. Thanks.
  10. oops, I'm dumb, nevermind. I had it set as a calculation rather than a number that auto-calculates. Thanks!
  11. Cool. It is working. However, it is not letting me enter a number. It says "This field cannot be modified." I have it set as a decimal number field, with the enter in browse mode set. Is it because it's a calculation that it's not letting me enter anything?
  12. I guess I should ask... If I want it to calculate the Hours * HourlyRate, is that what I put in your equation where it says RealatedHourlyRate? Thanks.
  13. Thanks for you responses guys. Zero, when I enter yours FM say "Too many parameters in this function" and highlights the semicolon before BillingType) at the end. Thanks also Lee, however, I need to be able to enter my own values in the Fees field rather than one overall value for a flat fee, because I need to break out different parts of a job into different line items.
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