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  1. Sure: workflow can have: id, name, name_de, assettype_def, domain, domain2, enabled, ten, rowid workflow_step can have: wf_id, wf_step, name, name_de, description, wf_state_id, def_party, color, sorting, enabled, tcn, rowid
  2. First of all, thank you so much for the example code. I'm having some trouble with it, however...I wonder if the field name and attributes need to be called out to address the issue. In the sample data, you'll notice the first 2 workflow steps do not contain a description attribute, but the second 2 do contain it. I believe this is causing the attributes to flow into the wrong fields upon import. As a result I'm getting the description value in the wf_state_id field. I'm attaching my filemaker file for reference. I've seen examples where the XSLT contains more specific mapping information...perhaps that's what is needed here? The second part of my challenge, however, is the export. I need to be able to export the data from filemaker in same format as the original sample xml. Do I need a stylesheet for that as well? workflows_wip.fmp12.zip
  3. Hello, I've done quite a bit with FileMaker in the past, but have never jumped into the XML arena. Now I have a need to do so, and I'm really needing some help with something I'm sure is quite basic...but still foreign to me. I have an external data source which export XML in a very specific format (see attached). I need to import that into FileMaker so I can manipulate the data, do some various lookups, etc. Once I've made my changes in the data, I need to export in the exact format it was when imported so the external data source can properly import. Not sure if it makes sense to import into 2 tables (workflows, workflow steps) or just a single table. I'm open either way. Once the data is in FileMaker I can get all my calculations and lookups and scripts going and make the data what I need it to be, but then I'll need to export it. Can someone point me in the right direction? Thanks so much in advance! Jeff workflows_export.xml
  4. Yes I noticed this just after I posted. I needed to isolate the date then subtract 1.
  5. That may just work and even more simple than my thoughts. Thanks! Yes, that works! Sometimes you just know your overthinking things and need a second opinion. You rock. Jeff
  6. May have come up with something... would love some feedback: newStartDOW will be the adjusted DOW start myTimestamp will be the timestamp handed to the function Case ( newStartDOW = 2 ; DayOfWeek ( myTimestamp - 1 ) ; newStartDOW = 3 ; DayOfWeek ( myTimestamp - 2 ) ; newStartDOW = 4 ; DayOfWeek ( myTimestamp - 3 ) ; newStartDOW = 5 ; DayOfWeek ( myTimestamp - 4 ) ; newStartDOW = 6 ; DayOfWeek ( myTimestamp - 5 ) ; newStartDOW = 7 ; DayOfWeek ( myTimestamp - 6 ) )
  7. Ron, I haven't had any luck there. I post custom functions there and search their regularly. Love that site. However, I've not found anything that does what I need yet.
  8. I'm working on a time clock solution and I could use an elegant way of calculating the day of the week based on a user preference of when they start their work week. Some employers start their work week on Sunday, some on Monday, etc. The built in day of week function is based on Sunday being the first day. I created a preference where the user sets the day of week they want their pay periods to start on, for example 2 for Monday. My goal is be able to take a timestamp, hand it to a custom function and get back the "adjusted" day of week. So a timestamp on Monday would return 1, Tuesday would return 2, etc. If they set the work week to start on Tuesday, then a Tuesday timestamp would return 1, Wednesday 2, etc. I know I could just create a lookup table and build out all the days with the FileMaker day of week and the new Adjusted day of week, but a function would be so much cleaner. Thoughts? Suggestions? -Jeff
  9. Perhaps post a screen shot so we can see what you're going for?
  10. Awesome, thanks for the info! I don't know that I've ever changed that from the default, but good to know it's there. One more question about that if you don't mind... when using something like the get server timestamp function, does it consider the computer hosting the solution as the current OS? Any reason to be concerned about getting back improperly formatted data from FMS?
  11. ​I'm not familiar with this, how do I check what date format the FileMaker file is using? Do you mean the formatting for the particular field?
  12. You could have them choose an item from a pop up, then have a calculation field that shows values based on what the picked in the pop up. Not exactly dynamic though. You could also use some type of vertical tab to expose more fields.
  13. I've created a number of FM solutions that included barcode functionality. I've not used camera based scanners, just the handheld type. It can get complex it you need it to, but in it's most simple form...it's essentially a code, say your record ID, that is printed using a barcode font. I typically use code 39 (aka: code 3 of 9) which simply requires an asterisk before and after the code. When it's scanned, it comes in as if keyed in on a keyboard. Simple! Most of the scanners I've worked with came pre-programmed with a carriage return at the end of each scan. You can usually program the scanner yourself and take that out or change it to something else. I personally like it because I use it as part of my scan script. User activate script, layout comes up in find mode, they scan and beep it finds the record!
  14. Thanks for your input... I changed the trigger type and the issue went away.
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