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  1. Hi, Any help with this would be appreciated, just a little nudge in the right direction so I know where to start working. Thanks Nigel
  2. Hi, I've been looking on how to solve this, but would like a bit of help and advice to point me in the right direction. Attached is a simple database that hopefully will demonstrate my problem. I have a layout 'EstimateDetail' which contains all the info I wish to have on the report, using 2 portals. a) How can I produce a report, that I can print, which expands or contracts depending on the number of records in the 2 portals? : It still calculates the costs correctly. Any help or advice much appreciated. estimatetest.fp7.zip
  3. I have been messing with the file in Filemaker 8, and I have got it to work, by creating 2 global fields. 1 for each part. In the original, the script would not change the value in repetition 2 in the global field, when using filemaker 8. This probably not the best solution, but it does work. Thanks for your help in pointing me in the right direction. Cheers Record_Increments_TEST.fp7.zip
  4. Hi, I have just tested the same file in Filemaker Developer 7, which I have on a different machine and this works perfectly. Therefore is there something in the script which works in Filemaker 7, but not 8?
  5. Hi, Thanks for the file. I have had a good look through and I see how you have done it. Unfortunately, even though I understand how it works, it doesn't seem to work for me, and I can't see why not. I have attached the file, with the results that I get when I use it. I take it the existing data in the file is from yourself testing it? Does it still work for you? Record_Increments_TEST.fp7.zip
  6. Thanks for the prompt reply and help. Far more than I was expecting - much appreciated. I will take a good look at this, and I'll let you know how I get on. Cheers
  7. Hi, I'm fairly new to filemaker and have been reading the forum for a while. Thanks everyone for the great help and advice contained here. I have come a cross a problem, though that has me stumped so far. I wish to create new records in a table B that increment by 0.1, related to a record in table A. When a different record in table A creates new records in table B, I wish these to increment by .01 beginning at .01 again. For example. In table A record no 200, is related to records 200.01, 200.02 and record 200.03 in table B. In table A record 201 is related to record 201.01 in table b. In table A record 202 is related to record 202.01 and record 202.02 in table b. Its the .01, .02, and .03 to be incremental in table b, but reset when they relate to a new record in table A I'm using filemaker 8 on a mac OS 10.4 Can anyone help point me in the right direction? Cheers
  8. Hi, I had a similar problem and I found an answer to it on a previous thread. See if this helps: Custom Sort Order on Value Lists
  9. Whooops! missed the link. But did do a search for "gBackround" and found it that way. Having looked at the solution I was going completely in the wrong direction. The answer is very simple (the best way). Thanks for your help on this - much appreciated. Apologies for being a numpty.
  10. Hi, thanks for the the help. I get the Case function and the Sign function. What I need help with is the code to change the background color (the bit that goes in gBackround). I can't find any functions that reference background color to change it?
  11. Hi, newbie here. great forum, lots of useful tips. Been using it for a while now, before taking the pludge to join in. I've come across a problem, and I don't know how to solve it. Does anyone know a script that will check the value within a field and then change the background color to say red or green depending on whether the value is a positive or negative number? Any help or advice greatly appreciated.
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