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  1. Very good points. I will work on revamping it and tweeking it a bit more using your input.
  2. Hmm...Ok, I think I got it, please take a look and any advice is appreciated.. UMTS.zip
  3. Well, I think I see what you mean. I will make the changes and try this approach. It is not for just anyone, it is so I can track my personal time and pay. So having different employee's would be redundant I think, but lets give this a try and see what happens.. Thanks, I will post my result so we can see if I am getting this right.
  4. I have made this timesheet for recording my work hours. I made a portal and relationship via the date of the time sheet. When I create a record in the portal, it makes a mirror duplicate of the record in the master. So when I create "1" record, and go to add the job codes in the portal, it makes another record in the main time sheet, not too difficult to fix, however I am drawing a blank on what I am doing wrong. Any advice?? Time_Cards.zip
  5. Good point.. Ok now the fields I have are this: 1) Time In 2) Time Out 3) Date (for the starting date) 4) Date2 (For the ending date) 5) Total Hours 6) Pay Rate 7) Overtime 8) Overtime Weekly ******* Now I have it set to record my daily time sheet, and need to make sure that if the hours are over 10 in one day all hours over the 10 for a single day are at time and a half. I also need to have "Overtime Weekly" to check if the total hours for the "Pay Period" is over 40, and if so, all over 40 would be at time and a half. Complicated at best. Since if over 10 is 1.5 and over 40 is 1.5... I may be in over my head on this one... I am including the file so you can see what I am trying to accomplish. It is for my personal timesheets. timesheet.zip
  6. I have 3 fields 1) Time In 2) Time Out 3) Total Hours I know this sounds basic, but I am getting crazy figures in the total hours. I did the Total Hours as a number with a calculated value of Time Out - Time In. I thought it would be a simple calculation, but it comes up with things like -12987 when I put in the time in as 07:00 and the out as 18:45. Any suggestions??
  7. Exactly, if I could create a new record, there would be no post..lol.. But it doesn't create a new record in the compiled version, it just locks the user out. I never had this problem before.
  8. Ok I developed my app, a basic one, and developed it with the runtime. Then I open it up in general mode but am not able to create new records or delete them. Then I run it in admin mode and the same thing. I made a video showing you what I did and how I did it, short and sweet. http://www.marvelillusions.com/media/filemakeradv1/filemakeradv1.html if you have any ideas...
  9. Ok, I need a field to change a number entered into a specific format. 1-23-456-78-9A-10111 (which is comes out to NINE numeric, ONE alpha, FIVE numeric)when the input is 123456789A10111, making sure that the 10th is alpha and not numeric. That way the only acceptable input would be restricted to this specific set requiring the 10th to be alpha. It is a bit of a twist on the phone number format, but it has me boggled at best at this point. Any suggestions?
  10. I have a desktop solution that has 14 different databases in it. I need to be able to make updates to the solution/databases without data loss and not good with mysql or other database operations to store the data. I need help in making this happen and need a quote for doing it. Even if it is a simple script that will export data and import it back into the new solution would be great. Or creating a separated solution. Please let me know if you can do this.
  11. Interesting, but what about this. I am running Pro, no server, developing desktop apps, and everytime I load up my project, I get "FileMaker cannot share files because another user is already sharing files using FileMaker Pro on this computer." and yet, I am the only user, no network, just have 12 different db's connected together by relationships and little ole me as the only user. Any ideas what is going on here?
  12. Hmmm... Ok.. How about this idea. Is there a way to have an app that will ask for a login name and password, then record the time and date the user logged in, keeping in mind that security is really not an issue, per say, but the permissions for all users are the same? IE: User opens up app and the screen pops up asking for a user name and password. If fails, closes app. If passes, opens up the screen. Also users are added easily and all be done from the runtime?
  13. The button is used to create a new record that will end up being related by the field "Location" and the field I need filled automatically is the "case number" so if there are 5 different locations in the same case number, as you push the button you will create a new record with the case number being the same as the one you click the button from, but the other fields are blank. I will try to tweek this script and see if it does it. I thank you fir this, I was drawing a blank..lol
  14. I need a button to perform a task. I want it to create a new record but only have the content from a single field from the previous record be populated. It must be done from a button. Any advice on the way to accomplish this?
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