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  1. You will have to script record creation. You can either place a portal on the layout and go to that object or you can go to the native layout and create a records there. I recommend learning about ERDs. You can use Google, there are tons of examples out there.
  2. Don’t know how to approach this problem!

    @doughemi likes to grow his tree sideways and not use Ids for linking. I'd rather have you learn about Anchor Buy method and join tables. Have one table separate for the raw layouts: actor, class, trait, class|trait join table. Have one main table for the actors and link the classes and the class|trait join table. Have an ID in each table for their own records. Have 3 Ids in class|trait: 1. ID, 2. IDClass, 3. IDTrait. Then you can link the join table to Actor and Class. There are lots of ERD (Entity Relationship Diagram) examples you can Google. I also recommend reading the FileMaker Training Series.
  3. Search in Popover

    It will work in the popover. The search method doesn't care whether your portal is in a popover. But you might want to use the new card Window if you can upgrade to FM 16.
  4. Scanner (RFID, BlueTooth, QR?)

    Congrats! And good luck!
  5. Scanner (RFID, BlueTooth, QR?)

    You can just write out in English what you want to accomplish step by step and try to find the matching script steps. But it helps to learn some FileMaker development the right way. http://www.filemaker.com/learning/ I recommend the FileMaker Training Series or get a few books or Lynda.com videos. Or you can hire someone to do it for you.
  6. Scanner (RFID, BlueTooth, QR?)

    You will have automate it. You will have to create a script that does what you need: search for the item in the barcode. Then bring up a field on a layout where you can change quantity then take you back to the main screen where your button is.
  7. Scanner (RFID, BlueTooth, QR?)

    Unfortunately, you can't make it automatic. You can script it and start that script with a button. You can scan into a global field, then process the scan, do your search and end up on a layout or popover where you can mark the quantity. Whether you use a linear barcode or QR code that would depend on how much data you want to store in your barcode. If you have space for a barcode—at a readable size— then you can use barcode. Even in wet environments you can use coated labels. If you have equipment that't better equipped with a chip in a wristband or you just want to touch that equipment to a reader then you'd want RFID. We sell a wide variety of readers and scanners. Check out our store at http://store.zerobluetech.com and email me if you have specific pre-sales questions.
  8. find data in single record and go to field script

    If you just want to "highlight" your search result, you could just add Conditional Formatting to your fields, so if they match what you entered in QuickFind they will be highlighted. Of course, then you want to replace QuiCkFind with a scripted QuickFind so you can temporarily store your search criteria. 360Works' Scribe plug-in also does highlighting text.
  9. Script to go to a related record in another table

    I wouldn't use drop-downs for this. You are better off using portals. (You just don't know it yet.) Drop-downs are useless for one, and get exhaustive for more than 10 records. When you assign a contact to an activity you want to stop their ID in the Activity::ID_contact (or fk_contact.) ID_pk is redundant because ID means the primary key. I recommend you cal the primary keys just simply "ID" in the table, and when you reference them in the child table (activity in this case) you call the foreign key ID_table (ID_COntact in your case). So if you just choose a contact from a value list (drop-down) you can't store their ID, you can only store their name (unless you show the second field, but scripting is nicer in my humble opinion). Sounds like you don't have a problem, rather you need to learn to develop in FM. Hence I recommended the training series. By the way, the ACTIVITY table comes after the project. So you can call the activity PROJECT_ACTIVITY if that helps. That assumes you can have many activities for one single project. And all those activities will have one leader running the activity. And then you can add other people who are volunteers. So, again, start simple and build your way up. Learn to add a contact to an activity. Read my post above again. Once you hacked this you can move onto the other tasks. Also, identify your tasks clearly and put them in order of importance.
  10. Script to go to a related record in another table

    1. You can have a portal on a popover on your activities layout if you don't have FM 13 or higher. In that portal you want to show all the contacts (unless you want to filter them, which I'm not getting into now). That portal needs to come form a table occurrence that's hooked up by something called a "Cartesian join". Which means you'll choose the "x" symbol at the bottom. So every activity record can see every contact record. 2. Then you can select a contact (you'll have to script that process and add a button so you can click it), and that one will be added to your portal of people participating in an activity. Then I recommend having a field as a role, and you can choose "leader" for that person. 3. After that's done, you can have a button next to your freshly added contact and then you can click that button and it should grab the ID of your contact, go to the Contact Detail layout and show that contact. Then will have to be scripted, yet again. This is not a completely easy task for someone who just started with FileMaker, but it's not impossible. You'll just have to concentrate in crafting the steps one by one. ALWAYS related records to each other by an ID, never a name. Also, start reading the FileMaker Training Series. It will shed light on a lot of things. There are also a lot of relationship graph examples on the web. https://www.google.com/search?q=filemaker+ERD&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwic2vH67ZbUAhWhjlQKHSbqAOUQ_AUICygC&biw=2636&bih=1284 Start looking at these, too.
  11. re show menu bar

    It's the same step you've already used: https://www.filemaker.com/help/14/fmp/en/html/scripts_ref1.35.101.html
  12. re show menu bar

    Create a Script called "Unlock Menu Bar". Make it unlock the Menu Bar and make sure it's visible in the Scripts Menu. And add a piece of code, like Wim suggested to make sure you can only run it. You can replace Full Access with your privilege set if you use something different.
  13. iPad not finding host

    You might be having networking issues. You could have it on either side. It's always difficult to troubleshoot intermittent issues. Here are some ideas that might help: Can other machines access the server consistently? Check when your host cannot be found whether you can access another machine on the network, the Internet. Download an app that can ping the fm host and see if you can ping the FM host's IP address. Also, you might want to reset the networking preferences on the iPad.
  14. Quicktime Movies Duration

    My bad, I should've said MBS can probably come to the rescue, as well. Apologies.
  15. Quicktime Movies Duration

    You might be able to do this with ScriptMaster. Talk to 360Works.

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