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  1. I have a script that runs via record creation with MBS. The script opens a new window in the main database and performs actions based on an incoming call. At times the new window opens but the main window gets/remains selected and that's where the action happens. It's 1 out of 4-5 times when this happens. I tried it with the same exact action, same result, it'll fire perfectly a few times, then in the wrong window. Any ideas?
  2. I'm getting "The file "" could not be opened. Either the host is unavailable, or the file is not available on that host." This happens when a script runs. Not a new server, no new files. The file is actually open in the background. The file reference is just "file:". I restarted the server. Didn't fix it. FMS18.03 It's apparently intermittent. I copied all the script steps to a new script, then it worked 3 times, but couldn't find the file for the 4th time. Any ideas?
  3. Hey Lee, Works for me. And I'm not logged in and I can view it. Some of his videos are public. Cheers, Agnes
  4. See if this helps you: https://www.filemakermagazine.com/videos/ultimate-value-list-control Otherwise I would build a portal for users to select from. Value Lists are sort of antiquated and frustrating in FileMaker.
  5. I think the only way is to sort your relationship in a way you want.
  6. Dates calculate in days. So if you need to calculate a month from now you need to enter yourDate + 30 to get that. Ther are a lot of custom functions on briandunning.com if you need something more complicated.
  7. That just dawned on me as I saw the response. 360works has great support!
  8. Agreed. But you can use Skype or a lot of other services to make a VOIP call. You need to get their attention.
  9. Call their phone number: (855) SEEDCODE. They are just like any other shop, sometimes busy and sometimes emails get lost in the vortex.
  10. Yo can use a simple code in a webviewer to do this. You'll have to feed it where the bar should be at certain lines of your script. It works nicely. Alternatively you can use a button bar to do this now: https://www.soliantconsulting.com/blog/filemaker-button-bar-as-progress-indicator There's this: http://www.modularfilemaker.org/module/prbr-progress-bar/ There is also this: http://www.filemakerprogurus.com/filemaker-16-progress-bar/ Cheers!
  11. With BE and MBS you can rename files and do all kinds of manipulation. It might take awhile to perfect things but they will work. Last I built a process when the Excel file was basically reconstructed from FileMaker and then FTPd to a server. It's crazy cool. So I don't recommend you give up. Get some help, automate what you need. :-)
  12. Silly question, have you converted the path to BE path? There's a function for that if I remember correctly. @IdealData recommended the path change, but you haven't confirmed you did it.
  13. Does the "qty "indicated 2 for a paired game? Cause if yes, then Fitch's answer is the correct one for an unfiltered portal.
  14. Hi Gilbert, There's a tiny box when you double-click the script step (Perform Script on Server) called "optional script parameters": That is where you need to enter your parameter. It could be a variable ($variable) or just text in quotes. Don't forget that you can't debug on the server, so you'll want to add error trapping very often and send yourself a mail if something can fail. Also, you might want to Exit the server script with a parameter, if you need to pass it back to your original script: Exit Script (parameter). And in your original script then you'll
  15. Is it a filtered portal or not? If it's not filtered, this is pretty simple. You can get a count of Ids from the parent table: Count ( your portal::iD ). If it's a filtered portal, you'll need to duplicate that portal and just show one record in the duplicated portal. Create a summary field in your child table of the record Ids. Put that in your filtered portal copy. Make sure the filtering matches the original portal.
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