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  1. Counting portal entries - modified

    Does the "qty "indicated 2 for a paired game? Cause if yes, then Fitch's answer is the correct one for an unfiltered portal.
  2. Pass parameter to a server-side script

    Hi Gilbert, There's a tiny box when you double-click the script step (Perform Script on Server) called "optional script parameters": That is where you need to enter your parameter. It could be a variable ($variable) or just text in quotes. Don't forget that you can't debug on the server, so you'll want to add error trapping very often and send yourself a mail if something can fail. Also, you might want to Exit the server script with a parameter, if you need to pass it back to your original script: Exit Script (parameter). And in your original script then you'll have to get that parameter back by: Get (ScriptResult). Hope this helps, Agi
  3. Counting portal entries - modified

    Is it a filtered portal or not? If it's not filtered, this is pretty simple. You can get a count of Ids from the parent table: Count ( your portal::iD ). If it's a filtered portal, you'll need to duplicate that portal and just show one record in the duplicated portal. Create a summary field in your child table of the record Ids. Put that in your filtered portal copy. Make sure the filtering matches the original portal.
  4. Script loses related records

    HI Asu, Have you run your script in the debugger? As a general rule of thumb I stay away from Go To Related Record in FileMaker. It can be missing a layout (or field) and you won't know until you open the script step and see what's wrong. I prefer to search and find the records I need. It's also a way that can be easily debugged. And it can't get me in trouble. :-) I know a lot of people love it but I've seen it fail on me several times, so I thought I'd let you know. Agi
  5. Well, then you'll just have to concatenate the information you need. Table::Field1 & "_" & Table::Field2 & "_" & Table::Field3. Not sure why you'd need the clip name twice. Because the clip itself should have that name, that you can get with Get ( AsText ).
  6. You'll have to loop through the records to export them. Name a variable $file in your script that will export the records, as you loop through them. Make that $file GetAsText (DB::container_field) where DB::container_field = the field you stored the videos in. Then when you Export Field Contents [<table::field>; "<filename>"; Automatically open; Create email] as Fitch mentioned above replace the <filename> with the variable you created (called $file).
  7. Hi George, Is the web direct status light green? Could you post a screenshot of your server's status page? If it won't fit take two screenshots.
  8. Using Checkbox Data Calculations

    You don't want checkboxes. You want a joint able between the options and the main table. And add records as needed. Then you can store the price of the option in the option table. Then you can just sum the items in the portal once they've been added. So you'll have 3 tables (at minimum). The join table should have the ID of the main table and the option. And you'll need to store the price of the option when creating the option join records just in case the price of the option changes later.
  9. emailing from filemaker database

    That's usually something we script. Please red this: http://www.filemaker.com/help/13/fmp/en/html/scripts_ref2.37.70.html Not sure I understand what you're trying to do with the container field. But the container field has to contain files, not text. And you don't need any calculations for this, just a script.
  10. Get data from a field in a portal

    It seems to me he wants to copy data from a field in a portal.
  11. Get data from a field in a portal

    I would recommend staying away from the "Copy" function in FM. You should use "Set Field". tell it where you want to get the data from and where it should send it. I didn't see your file, but just wanted to let you know.
  12. Link on a word to url

    Well, you can't format parts of the text as a URL. I'm assuming you were thinking how it's done in Microsoft Word or HTML. The text in FM is formatted (font, size, style), but that's about it. Or like on a web page. But in FileMaker there are always workarounds. So, what you could do is get the text as HTML, throw it in a webviewer and put merge fields in. Then those merge fields you could replace with properly formatted links. Then people could click on them and that would take them to a web site.
  13. Link on a word to url

    Please explain what you mean. Do you mean that you'd like to send a different link to different people? Who are the different people and how would the link be different? Maybe post a small simple file to show?
  14. Link on a word to url

    Right click on the text and format it as a button. Tell it to do a single step: go to UEL. In that function you can specify the URL.
  15. Save Records to PDF crash

    This sounds like a painful exercise. Sorry for your troubles. Unfortunately it sounds like this this is more along the lines of split half research or rather trial and error. Have you tried addig a small simple image or chart and see what that does? I heard FM16 is posing new challenges from a plug-in developer. What version of Java do you have installed? Maybe you have an incompatible version. Are you trying to print natively (save records as PDF)? Have you tried using a plug-in, such as BE or MBS to print a PDF? At any rate, hood luck and keep us posted. Chances are you're not alone with this issue.

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