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  1. I have a report that currently looks like this: bob 12 bill 10 bob 8 ben 13 bill 4 I want it to look like this: bob 20 bill 14 ben 13 When i mae the part into a sub-summary of names, no records show up at all. Any help at all would be GREAT!!!
  2. A fair bit but nowhere near enough to get this database working!! I dont suppose your excellence could answer this for me.... How do i get a total of how many new schools were entered into the system for a month? I've got a list of all schools with how many kids came in each and a total of that, but now i need the number of schools that are new. I believe in you zorro!!!
  3. Im trying to do a report that shows info from a files records for a certain date. i set up a relationship between the date and the files records dates. and then used this relationship to get the needed fields. Which works but only for the first record. To make it a bit more abstract: i have file1 and file2. In file2 i want a rport with file1's records for a given date. Help!!! Please!!!
  4. ok that sounds good. But how do i go to a layout in another file to start with? And then how do I specify which record to relate to and choose the month field as the field to relate to?
  5. Thanks for replying, only im not using a portal. im just choosing fields from a relationship matching dates. Should i be using a portal? Im kinda confused about what portals show and when i should use them.
  6. Sorry if this is in the wrong place. I've got 2 different fields that hold the same type of data. i want a report that has boththose fields in the same column. IOW I've got a form that takes info about classroom bookings. I needed one for the am and one for the pm. So i have amSchool and pmSchool fields, and the same for number of kids coming to each. Now i want a report that shows all the schools and how many kids came for each, with no diffrence between am and pm. Any suggestions would be great!!
  7. I've got a file with records listed under diferent dates. In another file i want a report that shows certain fields from each of the records for a month. i've made a relationship matching the month on the report to the month of the records but only the first record is showing up in the report, and its showing up 12 times. Any help?? Please please Please!!!
  8. Your an absolute LEGEND! Thankyou so so much it worked perfectly. Now i just have to figure out the rest of this thing .
  9. ok , I've only been using filemaker for about 2 weeks so sorry if this question is stupid. i have 2 files, one where the user enters data about classroom bookings and one where there is an overview of the all the rooms in a day.For each day i need to be able to show all the rooms and have what activity is booked for that room. Any help would really be good. Or any suggestions of doing this whole thing diferently.
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