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  1. Hi I want to generate a value list in one layout BASED on a found set from a different layout I have two tables, each with a layout: tblOperations [layoutOperations] tblSurgeons [layoutSurgeons] I want to generate a value list in layoutOperations BASED on a found set from tblSurgeons:Surgeon = "Mr" any help would be greatly appreciated! tim tblSurgeons surgeon___title John______Mr Sally______Professor Andrew____Mr
  2. hi im not sure which forum is the best to post this question,so here goes. given that its possible to create a table and store records in it without ever having a layout displaying the records, is it possible to view a table without creating a layout? [for example you can do this in ms access] cheers hairy
  3. hi everyone I'm new to this FileMaker caper [ms access background] and am having trouble getting my head round a few things... I've got a table that stores information about surgical operations [type of procedure, surgeon] I'm wanting to generate a table of summarised data - see below _____________surgeon1__surgeon2__surgeon3 procedure X______4________2________12____ procedure Y______12_______3________6_____ procedure Z______5________2________9_____ any ideas? any help would be appreciated! cheers Tim
  4. I too am interested in a solution to the situation identified by the original poster... cheers
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