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  1. Nobody seems to have any info on this one. I understand this may be a very elementary question, but I've been searching for an answer for hours now and am coming up empty. Is it even possible to add fields to an existing portal, or do I have to create a new portal from scratch? If I do have to, will my old records show up in the new portal? Thanks
  2. Hello, I have 2 new fields in an invoicing table that have been defined. I have an invoicing portal in my main layout, and I would like to add these two new fields to the portal, so that it doesn't mess up the existing portal setup. The only thing I can find that seems close is in the "Format -> Portal..." dialogue window. But, this only gives me the "sort fields" option, which I'm afraid to do, because I don't really want to sort anything....just add these two fields is all. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. Nick
  3. Great. Thanks again. I gotta tell ya, I really want to use the system you set up, but b4 I do, I want to clunk through my own thing that I started just for learning. I'm keeping the example you sent for later on down the road. Obviously, you've got a better handle on this stuff than most, I hope I'm not insulting you...
  4. Hmm, it looks like I can't enter info into the fields for my 2nd table at all? It's not the portal, I think I did something else wrong....I'll attach again. CNS_Contact_Manager_forum.fp7.zip
  5. Thanks so much, I'm gonna take a whack at getting this closer in a few. I still don't understand why I can't enter info into my portal.
  6. here it is CNS_Contact_Manager_forum.fp7.zip
  7. Wow, you guys are goin way over my head at this point. Fenton, thanks so much for actually doing this for me, but I need to sort of put my hands on it to get to learn it better, and unfortunately, this program is a slow going process to me. I can write music for an orchestra with no problems, but a script with 2 parameters at this point is HELL. I'm going to attach my file so anyone can check out where I'm at with it. Here are my current issues: 1-I started making a new table for the actual contacts..the one-to-many relationship. I hope I have connected the right fields to the other table, but I'mm not sure. If someone could take a glance, it woud be great. 2-I just made my first portal, which is going to contain the contacts info (from the second table), but I can't figure out how to actually type in the thing. It looks like it's there, but it's of no use to me now. 3-I also want to make a new tab so I can view just the contact records (2nd table again) in the spreadsheet mode. I'm not sure how to create a new tab, but I'm going to look it up. I guess I'm just wondering if I can view a second table at all.
  8. I already did it, I have it set up so I shouldn't ever have to do it again. I'll look into this replace thing. The main reason I did it is because I'm such a novice with this stuff.
  9. Great. I got those goin. How about the safety issue I talked about. Is that possible?
  10. Also, is there a way to make my new Contact ID field (the one I'm manually entering numbers into now)....is there a way to make it "safe"...so only one number can be used once in the whole database, and maybe an error message can come up if one tried to put a number in there for a second time. (Trying to avoid giving two contacts the same number by accident)
  11. Oh boy, well, i'm going to manually start entering numbers.....Is there a way to automatically designate a new record with a new contact id number anytime a new record is created?
  12. I did some google searching also....It looks like I really need to have client id numbers for every record....is there a way to do this now that I'm 500+ records in? The relationship seems simple enough now...do I have to manually enter a client id # for all of them or can I get around that somehow?
  13. Oh, I forgot, you'll see that I already tried to create this table....it's called "contactid_table" Feel free to delete and creat a new one or just edit the existing
  14. So, all I want for this new table is a field for the Date, and the actual notes of the contact (a simple text field that explains what we talked about). 2 new fileds, and I guess the rest would be common relationships I can't figure out how to connect the similar fields correctly and relate them well. Thanks so much for the divine one out there that has the time to guide my rookie ass through this.... P.S. Feel free to keep this file if you're lookin for some multimedia contacts in NYC.... CNS_Contact_Manager.fp7.zip
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