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  1. I am wanting to post status updates to Facebook using Filemaker 12. I will need to include authorization as I want to be able to post as multiple users FB accounts. (With the users permission) Thanks in advance
  2. I am looking for a method to get video input from the ipad camera into a container field on fmgo. I gather that you can get an image in on the latest version of go but not video
  3. I have a 2 field database field 1 is a text field field 2 is a yes no check box. I only want one record to have yes selected. Therefor if someone click on yes when another record has the value set to yes, the action of clicking yes on the subsequent field changes the value in the intial record.
  4. Not sure if this is the correct forum but here goes. I have a number of records which contain a calculated text field. I want to be able to perform a find on and then write just this one text field to a text file in the order that it appears in the database.
  5. I have created a kiosk application using fm 8.5 advanced on window xp. The problems i have is that the window doesnt fill the screen only about 60%. The content is there if i use the scroll bar any help would be appreciated
  6. rick fry

    Filemaker RSS

    I want to use filemaker to generate the xml for an rss feed or podcast. Does anyone have any sample/example dbs
  7. rick fry

    win size

    I have had a similar problem but when created a kiosk mode version the application on filled 60% of the screen and had scrool bars. How do i define the screen size?:??
  8. Is it possible to use Filemaker as an itunes friendly podcast server. Ifs so does anyone have any sample databases i could experiment with
  9. I am trying to create an output field which writes to an xml file. I need to put line feeds at the end of each line in the calculation. If I put the return symbol between quotes the field output looks fine in filemaker but when i open the file in another application (xmlspy) i get the following "directions2.wavThis is the text for message 2"
  10. This is a multiuser enviroment where some users forget to log off so that stops the save a copy as. Yes in an ideal world we could buy fmserver but there is no budget for this.
  11. I have a database that needs to be accessable all the time, but i also need to back it up which i cant do if someone has it open. I had a though that i might write the data to a mysql database running initally on the same box and then migrate it onto a back up box. Is this possible? or indeed advisable?
  12. Fantastic will give it a try in the morning
  13. I have a database containing 25 records. Each record has a numberfield ranging from 1 to 5. I want to create a new field which will be the field 1 contents plus 1. (Easy so far) however when we get to number 5 i want 5+1 to equal goback to 1 rather than six. any ideas?
  14. Does anyone know where i can get 7.01 and 7.02 upgrade files. I am trying to upgrade to version 7.03 and the upgrade requires that the previous versions are installed, shame filemaker dont have it on the web site
  15. Fantastic thank you very much. Will down load the sample and have a look.
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