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  1. John, I think you might very well be right, I haven't used relationships to test conditions before, but I'm certainly going to start! Daniel
  2. Inky Phil, Thanks for the suggestion it works really well Daniel
  3. Comment; I have uploaded a file that shows the problem. It's very simple and doesn't have the indicator thats in the full file. Clicking the button next to the record creates the join record and moves the record you are working on to the bottom of the screen (try it with a record half way though the list). Inky Phil: Thanks for the suggestion I will give it a go. DemFile.zip
  4. Hi, It's not that the record changes, it's that it's position on the page changes. The script does the following: Freeze Window Set Error Capture on Set Variable 1 Set variable 2 Go to join layout Enter Find Mode Set Field with Variable 1 Set Field with Variable 2 Perform Find if [Get (Last Error) < 1] Enter Browse Mode Show Custom Dialogue ["already booked"] Go to original layout Else Create Join record Goto original Layout I have also tried setting a $ with Get (RecordNumber) and then using it to Go to record by calculation at the end of the script. In both cases I end up on the correct record, but it always moves to the bottom of the screen.
  5. Thanks for the suggestion, I have tried that and I always end up on the correct record, but with it at the bottom of the page. I need to keep the record in exact place it was when the button (running the script) was pressed. I want it to look to the user like pressing the button, switches on the indicator (with a very slight lag). Its confusing for users to have the screen appear to move about when they select a recipient. any other ideas?
  6. In order to set up email marketing lists, I display a list of all the contacts in our database. To add them to an email list I run a script to create a join record. The script Freezes the Window takes the id from the presenter and a global value (the campaign being worked on) as two values, it then goes to the join layout, searches for a record with the two variables, if it finds one it returns to the original window, if not it creates the join record and returns to the original value. Using the global value I have set up a relationship to indicate if the join record exists (i.e if a customer is on the particular email list) This all works great. The problem is keeping the original layout still. On the original layout, which displays 20 records on the screen and can be scrolled, you can click a button next to any of the records to trigger the script, when the script finishes the record which the script has been run on, always ends up at the bottom of the screen, regardless of where it was on the screen when the script was run. Is there a way to completely freeze the window, so that to the user the script is completely transparent?
  7. I'm sure this topic must have been covered before, but I wouldn't find anything directly relevant... I have about 3000 records, that I sort before working on them. They are sorted by Company (in one table) and then Firstname / Surname (in another related table). The Sort is currently taking about 15 seconds the first time and then much quicker. Similarly I have 500 emails held in 1 table that are sorted by date, this takes about 10 seconds to sort. Compared with the rest of the solution these times are really long, is there anything I could do speed up the sort? The solution is hosted on FM8 server that serves about 10 users. Am I right in thinking that the sorts are done client side anyway? Thanks in advance for any help.
  8. As you say I got myself quite confused over this (I'll try to be more clear next time). Your solutions both work for me now depending on how I implement them, the second suggestions is ideal. I had never used FilterValues in a calculation before I can now see a number of applications for it. Thanks for your help Daniel
  9. My mistake, that calculation is the final part of a script (I really should have been more accurate). When I say it doesn't work what I mean is: that part of the calculation should result in the text in the calculation being part of the resulting field, it does not. Previously I used the below calculation on a field that contained a single value. Perhaps I should use the not Is Value script step to set a variable and query then string as below. I will give that a go. again apologies for not being clear. Daniel If ($Prize = "Prize"; TextStyleAdd ( $PrizeHead ; 256 ) & TextStyleRemove ( "" ; 256 ) & "¶" & Case ($PrzName =""; TextColor ("¶PRIZE NAME: " ;RGB (255;0;0)) & TextStyleRemove ( "" ; 256 ); "¶PRIZE NAME: " & $PrzName) & Case ($PrzDesc =""; TextColor ("¶PRIZE DESCRIPTION: " ;RGB (255;0;0)) & TextStyleRemove ( "" ; 256 ); "¶PRIZE DESCRIPTION: " & $PrzDesc))
  10. Hi guys, I was probably to vague; the script sets all my variables from the table and then produces the email body field with a calculation. The suggestions doesn't work. Blow is an example, am I doing something wrong? If (not IsEmpty ( FilterValues (Campaign Project::Components; "Prize")); TextStyleAdd ( $PrizeHead ; 256 ) & TextStyleRemove ( "" ; 256 ) & "¶" & Case ($PrzName =""; TextColor ("¶PRIZE NAME: " ;RGB (255;0;0)) & TextStyleRemove ( "" ; 256 ); "¶PRIZE NAME: " & $PrzName) & Case ($PrzDesc =""; TextColor ("¶PRIZE DESCRIPTION: " ;RGB (255;0;0)) & TextStyleRemove ( "" ; 256 ); "¶PRIZE DESCRIPTION: " & $PrzDesc))
  11. Hi Fenton, Thanks for the response, what you suggest would work for my display purposes, but I think might be to complicated to implement in the script. I use a script to generate an HTML email at the moment it says if Monday = Monday then get all the information for Monday. The fields in reality hold all of our job types, so when we update a customer the email only includes information for relevant products. The problem is that every time we add a new product I have to create a new field and value list for that product. It would be much simpler to have one field called JobTypes and then append a value list. But as there seems no way of asking Filemaker in a script if a check box field contains one of a number of values, I'll have to stick to the current way. Which isn't a big problem, just not very elegant! Thanks for your help Daniel
  12. I am trying to write a script to check for a word in a field, and perform a task if it exists. The field contains several words from a value list, for example days of the week, these are selected by check boxes. So the field might contain Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, or Tuesday, Friday or Friday, Monday (no particular order). I want the script to run if it sees the word Wednesday else end. If I use the script step IF Days = "Wednesday" this only works if only Wednesday is in the field. So I guess I want the script step to do the same as a find (without the = sign). There is probably a really simple answer but spending ages on the forums hasn't revealed it. Any help much appreciated.
  13. Good suggstion I have managed to hide most of the controls, with the right set of privilages and a hidden exit button (script) the clients can happily browse the correct set of records. Daniel
  14. It needs to be part of a networked solution, which I guess rules Kiosk out. Does anyone know of a way to hide the File, Edit, View etc bar?
  15. I am looking to create a layout that will display information to clients in full screen, with a forwards and back button, so it looks more like Powerpoint than Filemaker. They will not have control over moving between pages, so there is no issue with how the records are sorted prior to display, or restricting them from accessing parts of the database. As I understand it if I use Kiosk mode that applies to all users, is there a way to achive this?
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