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  1. I have just downloaded a trial version of FMP13 having been away from the forum for a while. I want to create a 'links' style segment on my client contactsl homepage where I can quickly access web pages / information that are relevant to the client in question but not on the client's homepage. Whilst I can obviously use the URL script step to access the client's homepage, I would like to be able to have a portal with several different url's that can be added to without the need to script each web page individually - a kind of dynamic button that would link to the web by clicking on the URL listed in the portal / URL table. I wondered if this is do able - I am guessing it is but wonder whether it may be very time consuming to achieve. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
  2. I want the field 'date received' to return 'empty' since this field defines whether the invoice has been settled or not, and is only filled once payment has been made. I am seeking to find unpaid invoices and turn those over 30 days red. Thanks for your reply.
  3. I have a Calculation field ('Final_Total') which currently adds up an Invoice Total + gov. tax. This in itself works great. I would like to add to this field the ability to turn the data red if over 30 days after the invoice date. I think somewhere in here my syntax is wrong or I have missed something obvious. I am very new to the wonderful world of calculations. My current calculation is as follows: Invoice_Total + Tax_on_total and Case (IsEmpty (Invoices::Date_received ) & Invoices::Invoice_Date < (Get ( CurrentDate )-30); TextColor (Invoices::Final_Total ; RGB ( 255 ; 0 ; 0)); TextColorRemove (Invoices::Final_Total)) Thanks in advance for any help with this....and for invaluable help with my previous posts on the forum.
  4. I have found a work around by removing the repeating fields and creating 8 different sets of fields i.e. Title_ label_1....Title_label_8. I'm not sure whether my scripting was at fault but this has fixed it (and worth the extra field names and typing)! Thanks all once again.
  5. Thanks LaRetta - I have checked that the script has a 'Enter Preview' step in it / checked for carriage returns but the problem remains. I attach a copy of the file (clone - so you will need to add records to the Musicians table). The script I have written is entitled " Add new label (from Musicians)" The label layout is accessed from the splash page. Thanks again for everyone's input.
  6. Thanks guys for your responses. Just to clarify - I have 8 fields each with 8 repetitions (i.e Firstname [1] Surname [1]....Firstname [8] Surname [8}. The fields are aligned correctly and the data does move up correctly when typed into the fields manually. The script I have created allows the user to target whichever of the 8 labels (i.e. 8 sets of fields) he/she wants to direct the contact name and address details to. This was done to avoid wasting sheets of labels where a print run didn't use up all 8 labels - there's no way to tell the label layout to start printing from the third label on the right side down for instance. It is using my script method of input which seems to be causing the field data to remain fixed to it's position regardless of whether the 'set printing / sliding options are set or not. Thanks again for your replies.
  7. My apologies if this has already been answered - I did a brief search and couldn't find anything on this. I have an address label layout which contains several address fields (i.e. House / Town / State) which are populated with the corresponding data in my Contacts table via a script (using the 'set variable' and 'set field'). I have done this so that I can target where each label will print on the 8 - label per sheet layout (by defining each field with 8 different repetitions). Although the fields have all been formatted to close gaps on printing (using the "set sliding / printing" option), this only works if I type data directly into the fields - the 'setvariable/ field' routine seems to 'lock' the data so it won't move. Is there a way of 'unlocking' the data so that it prints out without any gaps. I would rather not use the merge field option in this instance. Any suggestions gratefully received. Thanks in advance
  8. I have (maybe foolishly) just deleted a copy of 8.0v2 as it seemed to be opening my 8.5 files. However, I now get the above alert on opening my 8.5 files and am wondering if I can re-install the dictionary (not sure if it exists even) from maybe my install disc - is there a custom install for this or should I be more concerned...i.e. have I got a major problem here. Thanks in advance.
  9. Thanks LaRetta Works like a dream! I would have never got there without your post! Thanks again.
  10. I have a similar problem to the recent threads on filtering information in a portal. I have an 'invoices' table that contains a portal showing 'extras' that are in a related table ("Extras ID = Invoices ID") but different (remote) fm8.5 file. All the 'extras items' show up as expected in the portal. However, I need the portal to show only the unpaid 'extras items' for each client. Using a 'date received' field in the 'extras' table, I have set up a global calculation field ( 'gfilter') as follows: Global,= isEmpty (extras: Date_received) My question is: How should I proceed from here? Because 'invoices' and 'extras' are in different files, will a global field actually work, and if not, how can I get round this? Grateful thanks in advance for any suggestions - this has had me puzzled for a while now.
  11. Hi Lee - thanks for your help and suggestions. I have figured out that I was using the "Date received" field as part of a calculation for another field on the same layout - I assume, although I'm only guessing, that you can't perform a find on a field that is being referenced by another field for a calculation. I have found a work-around anyway by creating a new field and using that for my find - thanks once again for your input.
  12. Hi Genx - they are not returning any data at all. I have data in some of the ' date received' fields but the find (using '*') comes back with ' no records match this set of find requests'.
  13. I have a 'date received' field (defined correctly as a date field) that I use to identify whether a client has settled a bill or not. Using the '*' should show all records where this field has a date (ie the client has paid) and using '=' should find fields that are empty (i.e the client hasn't paid). Unfortunately the finds are not working. Any suggestions as to what could be going on? All other fields in the table and file (be they number or text fields) work fine with find commands. Many thanks in advance.
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