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  1. Hey, cool--I wasn't familiar with the Get(DesktopPath) function. It worked beautifully! Thanks so much!
  2. I've created a database that I'm sharing with two other users via FileMaker Network. I've created a script that prints an invoice, then creates a PDF copy of the invoice for our records. Because everyone works somewhat independently, I want everyone's PDFs to be saved on their own machines, but I'm having trouble getting the path right in my script. If I'm understanding the help file correctly, I should be able to do this: file:Desktop/Invoices/$InvoiceNumber This works fine on my machine (where the database resides), but the other guys keep getting a "(Invoice Number) could not be created on this disk" message. I've tried using different configurations based on the examples in the help file, but haven't hit the right combination yet. Can anyone help me straighten this out? Thanks in advance for any help! :confused:
  3. Thanks for the response, John. I'm not using a subsummary part, just a header, body and footer. I haven't upgraded to 8.0v3 (downloading now). I did try changing the font, but that didn't seem to do the trick. I'll post an update once I've got the update installed. Thanks again.
  4. I'm having a strange issue with an invoice I've created. If I go to FILE > PRINT > PDF > SAVE AS PDF I get a perfect pdf copy of my invoice. However, if I go to FILE > SAVE/SEND RECORDS AS > PDF the result is a pdf that contains nothing except the graphical elements (i.e., inserted images and drawn lines). None of the fields from my layout appear. Unfortunately, I need to use the SAVE/SEND route because it allows me to create a relative file name. This is driving me crazy! Thanks in advance for any help. :confused:
  5. I have a portal in which values are automatically entered via a script. I just went in and resized the portal, moved a few fields around, and now when I go back to browse mode, I suddenly can't edit any records in the portal! Previously, if I wanted to edit one of the automatically-entered values, I could click on the field in the portal and change it. I have no clue what I did to make those records suddenly not accessible--anyone have any ideas? Thanks in advance for any help...
  6. Thanks for the response. The company I'm building this for only has 3 employees, and we all work on same sized monitors with the same screen resolution, so this won't be a problem. What I'm trying to do, really, is create a widget-like functionality for this program, and it'd just be nice to have keep it small. I'll look for some plug-ins. Thanks again!
  7. Hi all, I've set the window size of my database using a script that runs on startup, but I'm now trying to figure out how to enforce that window size. Unlike the "Show/Hide Status Area" and "Show/Hide Text Ruler" steps, there doesn't seem to be a lock option. Anyone know how to do this? Thanks in advance for any help!
  8. Thanks for the response. Yes, I'm running Advanced on both machines. What's this about Unix permissions?
  9. I've set up my DB on my laptop, and now that it's ready to go I have copied it on a CDR and moved it to a new machine. I have setup the custom menus and given only myself access to the full standard menu set. Users only get access to limited menus. But on the new machine, when I sign in with my admin name and password, I no longer have access to the full menu set! The TOOLS menus is gone, as is the LAYOUT menu. I've gone through and through my "Missing Manual" book and can't figure out why this is happening. Anyone have any ideas? For the record, nothing was modified between my laptop and the new machine. Just copied the DB file on to a disc, then copied it from the disc on to the new machine. Open it up, and--voila!--it's suddenly behaving strangely. Can anyone help? Thanks in advance!
  10. Thanks, John. I just need to get licenses for each of the users, then? So a runtime solution is for ... what, sending files to a client or some such thing?
  11. I've created a runtime solution for my database and placed both it and the USR file on our shared server. When one user is working with it, nobody else can connect. Is this how it's supposed to work? Is there a workaround to allow multiple users to access simultaneously? As always, thanks in advance for any advice!
  12. Wow -- thanks for the quick response, comment. So, what would that bit look like in context? Would it be this? (Ceiling ( ( EndTime - StartTime )/900 )*900 ) * ( Rate/4 )
  13. Thanks for the responses, all. I'm aware of the Insert Field thing, but I wasn't sure if it would work to just add a field and position it up there with my other portal items. Actually, the way the portal fields sit confuses me anyway. In layout mode, they don't look like they're part of the portal at all. That is, I can move the portal to one side of the layout, and the fields to the other, etc. I'm sure if I gave it some extensive thought, I'd get a grip on it. :
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