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  1. I'm writing a small script to take my users to a website. The "Open URL" script step is a cakewalk. But I'm looking for a way to test if the user has a "Live" connection before I send them to their destination. This way if the user happens to have dial up I can inform them that they need to go online before they can continue. Any Ideas? Thanks, Mel
  2. Uhmmm, I have no clue what CWP is. EDUCATE ME PLEASE! Edit: Custom Web Publishing??
  3. I've been using FileMaker for around a year and a half now and love it and getting comfortable with it. I now find myself needing to create a website. I thought FileMaker would be perfect for the job instead of having to learn some new HTML code generator. Here's the kicker..... On my website I'll need to place ad spaces for advertising by others. Which means inserting Javascript and HTML into the code that IWP produces. This is a BIGGIE for me. I would rather spend an extra hundred hours learning how to do this with FileMaker than learning another web publishing program. Can anyone tell me if this is possible? A TRUCKLOAD of thanks, Mel
  4. Thanks for the response Crazy Eye. When I say "As Usual" means that FileMaker will lock up on me on an average of every month or so.(with average hours spent maybe 40 or so a week) I have a day job so I only get to work on it maybe 4 hours a day then 14 hours Sat & Sun. I post the hours to give you some kind of indication how many hours spent versus the frequency of crashes. Any Idea what might be happening? Many Thanks, Mel
  5. I need to make an appt. with my shrink after reading that article. Depression is setting in. Thanks for the response Lee, Mel
  6. I know it seems like allot of money at the present time but if you anticipate spending allot of time with FileMaker I HIGHLY recommend purchasing John Mark Osbornes training videos. It will save you Hundreds of hours of "Hunt and Peck" in the future. http://www.databasepros.com/videos.html
  7. I've been sitting here since about 7 this morning working on my solution. Everything is going OK and I'm making descent progress. Suddenly Filemaker starts getting a little slow and suddenly LOCKS UP! (as it often does) So, as usual, I have to give FileMaker a Hard Close and reboot my computer just as an extra precaution. When It comes back up, it's like all of my scripts and layouts went through a time warp back to about 10 am this morning. Everything I had done from 10 to 3 WAS GONE! Does anyone have an idea how this could happen? Does FileMaker not actually save your work when you think it does? Thanks, Mel
  8. I've been developing 2 solutions for over a year now and I'm enjoying every minute of it! But there's one thing that's really been bugging me for some time. I'm really tired of people calling MY solution FileMaker. I've spent THOUSANDS OF HOURS developing these solutions and I really think I should be able to have MY solution name showing at the top of the window. I've thought maybe this was possible if I compiled the solutions into runtimes but from what I understand if you compile you can't share or serve a database. Any Ideas? Thanks, Mel
  9. In a dialog box it's possible to format the text input as asterisks. I can't seem to find a way to do this with a standard text field. Is this possible easily or is there scripting involved? Thanks, Mel
  10. Yepper! That's what's confusing me. I've been working on a solution for the last year and have created many user accounts and privilege sets for it with no problem. Now I start a new database and I come up with this problem. (Gremlins?)
  11. Thanks for the response Old Advance. I've been able to log on as admin all along. My problem is I'm trying to create a privilege set that will limit the users access to some menu items. It seems that ANY privilege set I create gives me the same message no matter which options I select. I've tried MANY different options in creating the privilge set, many using FileMaker defaults. No privilege set will let me in uless it's [Full Access] Thanks Much for your help! Mel
  12. I'm just starting a new database. I only have one table 2 layouts and no scripts. I've created a simple Privilege set: Records: Create, Edit and Delete in all tables Layouts: All modifiable Value Lists: All modifiable Scripts: All modifiable These are the only fields I touched when creating the privilege set. When I try to log on I get a message box that says.... "Your Access Privieges do Not Allow You to Perform This Action" Uhh....What Action?? I'm not running a script at file open. The file is about as "bare bones" as you can get. I don't get it! (Obviously)
  13. I'm no expert by any stretch but as far as I know FileMaker cannot run scheduled tasks. If you are running server, it will run scheduled tasks but only from the server not from a client.
  14. Try researching the "Leftwords" and "MiddleWords" functions. I think these will help you out in this situation.
  15. I use a Plug-In for this type of thing..Troi Activator. http://www.troi.com It has MANY other uses you might find valuable.
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