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  1. I was able to use WebDirect on my Nook HD+ running android 4 and google chrome web browser. It works well for the first minute or so.. but then starts to slow to an unresponsive crawl. From what I have gathered this is partly due to Google Chrome and it's terrible memory leak'like programming.
  2. Is your SQL Procedure returning you something that you're not handling?
  3. What are your field definitions in SQL, and what is the exact data you're looking to push into the table? Are you keying these records in via the FM GUI, or you importing records in?
  4. I'm in a test scenerio with FileMaker 9 Adv, and FileMaker 9 Adv Server. I have my Layout populated with live SQL fields. One of which is a 'Delivery Date' field. With SQL being the back-end if I enter in "7/9/2008" it yells at me saying that it wants the format to read "7/9/2008 12:00:00 AM" or something to that extent... Is there a way I can do a Validate by Calculation on that field so if the user enters in just a date without a time it appends on a "12:00:00 AM"? I'm at a loss here.. This could be a deal breaker for me using SQL Server as my back-end. If I'm going to require the end user to key in a time along with their dates it's just not practical. :
  5. BTW: I figured this out. When you call the procedure you should call it like follows: [sql Query by Calculation] "proceedure_name " & jobKey Or in my case it resulted in a query of: "dbo._xxx_getJobHead 1234" Using the (), or ' ', doesn't work when calling it from FileMaker 8.
  6. Here's some basic information: The ODBC DSN Entry is: ALPINESQLODBC Server Information: Path: //xxx Database Name: HomeData SQL Server Version: 2005 Here is the recordset field names for each of the procedures above. dbo._xxx_getJobHead( jobKey # ) jobKey custNo designer jobDescription address city state zipCode I have all the same fields created in a jobHead table in FM8. I'm trying to write a script that will have FM8 run that procedure and populate a record with the SQL result set. Is this not possible in FM8?
  7. The point was to keep bogus shortcuts from being created on my forms. Otherwise filemaker would blindly create 3 links to files that might not exist.
  8. That worked! Thanks alot!! Is there any way for filemaker to check to see if the file exists before linking it?
  9. If( not IsEmpty(orders::sbtSONO); "filewin://srs3/Order Documents/SBT/" & Trim(orders::sbtSONO) & Case( Get(CalculationRepetitionNumber) = 1; "C.pdf"; Get(CalculationRepetitionNumber) = 2; "I.pdf"; Get(CalculationRepetitionNumber) = 3; "P.pdf"; ) ; "" ) Another flavor, but it still doesn't work. Weird thing is if I put "Get(CalculationRepetitionNumber)" in the else statement it will print out the Rep# in the 2nd and 3rd block? Why can't the 2nd and 3rd rep pass the If statement?
  10. Here's what I have: Field Named: sbtDocs Field has 3 repetitions Calculation result is a Container There are 3 blocks on my Layout that show repetitions 1-3. For the field calcuation I have: If( not IsEmpty(orders::sbtSONO); Case( Get(CalculationRepetitionNumber) = 1; "filewin://srs3/Order Documents/SBT/" & Trim(orders::sbtSONO) & "C.pdf"; Get(CalculationRepetitionNumber) = 2; "filewin://srs3/Order Documents/SBT/" & Trim(orders::sbtSONO) & "I.pdf"; Get(CalculationRepetitionNumber) = 3; "filewin://srs3/Order Documents/SBT/" & Trim(orders::sbtSONO) & "P.pdf"; ) ; "" ) What I'm trying to do is check to make sure the order has an SBT Number before anything else. If it does I want to populate the 3 blocks with different filepaths to 3 different pdf files. They all share the same path except the letter before the extension. It will display the first repetition correctly, but the remaining 2 repetitions are left blank. Like it's not calculating them. What have I done wrong?
  11. I am looking into one of these Data Compression appliances to put on each end of my P2P T1. They said it will increase bandwidth by over 3x's on any uncompressed data. Does Filemaker compress the data it sends and receives between the client & server?
  12. Create an onLoad script that will check the current username logged in, and direct them to the correct layout view. If (Get(AccountName) = "user") Go To Layout (user) Else If (Get(AccountName) = "teamleader") Go To Layout (teamleader) End If
  13. That's an idea. I could do both... Prbly just put a few 'switch to layout:' commands in the script along the way to make sure it's going to remove the correct records.
  14. I have a problem with one of my scripts. The script does a few things: -Calls a VBScript w/JobKey passed and this script then visits the job folder, and converts the cad drawings to gif images. -Goes out to the TAGS table, searches for a job by JobKey, if there's tags it removes them (delete all found records). -FileMaker then calls an import routine to pull in the tag records from my design software. -Once done FileMaker searches the new tag records and omits out the records w/valid item keys and whats left it deletes (delete all found records). This has worked fine in both locations (NY-Database local, PA-Database through VPN), but lately it seems that PA has been having issues w/the VBScript not finishing in time and causing FileMaker to crash. So what I decided to do was to put a 5second pause between steps 1 and 2, and this fixed the issue. The problem is... if a user doesn't realize the script is still paused, and clicks one of the buttons to return to the orders screen (another table in the same database), the script will blindly continue and deletes all the order records you're currently viewing. I almost ******* myself when I saw it deleting $250,000 worth the open orders!!! Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks!
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