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  1. Thanks LaRetta that worked! Always appreciative of your efforts to help. TJ
  2. I recently upgraded to 14.0.3 For some reason the information in the portal is not printing. I only print these award certificates once a year. It printed fine in version 13. If someone could take a look or let me know if there are known issues that would be appreciated. TJ trendsetter certificate fmpa14dot03.zip
  3. Looks like there is a bug in 12v4 that is causing this. http://forums.filemaker.com/posts/13e8ddb5d1?page=2
  4. Recently upgraded to version 12. Did something happen with the Save as PDF between version 11 and 12? When I save records as a PDF in version 11 the PDF file that is created is searchable. When do the same process in version 12 the PDF is not searchable.
  5. I worked with it and got the script to do pretty much what I wanted but it deletes the records after exporting them. SimpleLoopScript.zip
  6. hfinger, Thanks for taking a look. While my sample file has only 3 sales reps I actually need to do this for 50 sales reps so if I could automate it with a script that would be the best option for me. TJ
  7. I could use some assistance with a script that would export the records to an excel file for each sales rep in my attached sample file. My sample file has 3 sreps and I'm including 3 excel worksheets which contain the records for each rep which I manually created. I'm sure it will involve a loop within the script and I always struggle with that. Any assistance is greatly appreciated whether that be updating my sample file or pointing me to a spot on this forum where this issue may have been posted before. Thanks T.J. SrepLoopScript.zip
  8. Thanks. I had no idea you could use a repeating field along with an export / import to create new records.
  9. I have a location table where a user creates a new record, selects a location and enters the number of labels she would like. Then she creates another new records and selects a different location and the number of labels needed etc... When finished she wants to print the appropriate number of labels for each location. I've created a label table and in that table and I'm trying to write a script that will create all the labels for all locations. I've created a script that is able to create 1 label but I am not a proficient enough scripter to figure out how to write it so that it creates all the labels. Any assistance is greatly appreciated. I have attached a sample database. quicklabels.zip
  10. I'm pulling some information from an ERP system which has Invoice Dates and Total Accounts Receivable. I would like to create a field that is able to identify the last invoice date of the prior month as I would like to set up a Table Occurance and relate this new field to the INV.DATE field of the table occurance in order to pull the Total Accounts Receivable from that date. Unfortunately as you will see in the example, the invoice date of the prior month is often not on the last day of the month due to weekends and holidays etc. I'm hoping this can be done with a calculation. If not and this requires a script, I'd appreciate any help with that also. Thanks CalculateLastInvDateofPriorMonth.zip
  11. My appologies comment I can see the script information now. Thanks!
  12. Yes. That is exactly what I am needing but it looks like there is no access to the script so that I can understand how you accomplished this.
  13. Hi LaRetta Thanks for taking a look at this. I import this file from a separate ERP system and the data in already in this format. For a specific invoice date it has the total sales for the date for the salesrep. A manager is interested in seeing the oldest date for each month to see how the user has done just on those dates. So the result when the manager does a find the result would be SREP INVDATE MARK SALES 14 3/29/12 X $DD.CC 14 4/30/12 X $DD.CC 14 5/11/12 X $DD.CC I hope that explains it better. TJ
  14. I have a list of invoice dates. I would like to mark the invoice date record that is the closest to calendar month end date. I'm not sure how to go about doing this with a script. Any help would be appreciated. Invoice Date Mark 3/1/12 3/13/12 3/29/12 X 4/6/12 4/19/12 4/30/12 X 5/2/12 5/11/12 X INVOICEDATES.zip
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