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  1. I know there is relatively seamless integration in FMPro for opening up a user's Email application to send an email from a record with an email address field, but with so many people accessing webmail like Googlemail and similar, is there ANY integration that works for this type of user? If there, is could someone kindly explain how this could be done? thanks!
  2. Hi, I have a Radio button that I want to use in a Find Script but I seem to be missing a couple of things in the Parameters available: I have 2 Questions below... 1 - if I hit control F I can go to the field and click either YES or NO and then return and the search will only display the appropriate records (no problem there). How can I perform a find for all records with no value at all in this field? Is this possible at all? Or do I need to perform Omit Record and indicate both YES and NO results instead? 2 - I have tried to create a Script which does the same as above but I can't find the Script Parameter which allows me to perform a find in this way (as in a search for all YES or NO results in a Radio Button formatted field). I can't seem to find a way to tell the Find Script parameter to search for a result at all when the field is a Radio Button. Any ideas? Much appreciated.
  3. Thanks LaRetta (and Vaughn), both replies answered what I needed to hear. As for avoiding using the Layout name, this is a good idea and I understand completely why one would suggest I go this way with it. I will play around with finding an appropriate way to achieve the result I want. In either case, I think the Case (Get (----)='A';'B';'C')) is the calculation I am looking for. cheers
  4. Hi there, its been a while since I have posted any questions so I am not 100% where to post this, but it does pertain to Layouts so I will try here: Upon creation of a new record I want to be able to generate a different Auto Entry (either Yes or No, preferably in a Radio Button) in the same field depending on which layout the user is in. Can this be done easily? Simply? Please let me know some ideas. thanks!
  5. Apologies, I am confusing things here. I definitely understand that your original suggestion would have worked but for this bug. That is what I was saying to you actually, just poorly worded. Thanks for all your help.
  6. Now I see what you are saying - and to take this one step further: Timestamp ( Date ( 1 ; 1 ; 2009 ) ; Time ( 0 ; -60 ; 0 ) ) returns "12/31/2008 23:00" as expected, Timestamp ( Date ( 1 ; 1 ; 2009 ) ; Time ( 0 ; -59 ; 0 ) ) returns "1/1/2009 0:00" instead of the expected "12/31/2008 23:59" however... Timestamp ( Date ( 1 ; 1 ; 2009 ) ; Time ( 0 ; -61 ; 0 ) ) returns "12/31/2008 10:59" as expected So, maybe it is a bug after all. What I am having a little trouble with understanding is how the calculation you originally offered assumes this 'missing' hour. But I guess that is the nature of a bug isn't it?
  7. no, its not a bug as far as I can see since the calculation itself works fine... I just put in 25200, which is 7 hours broken into seconds and that comes up with 6 am (not 5:59 which I would assume would just be 25140. Don't quite know why, but maybe you do?
  8. That is great, but can I assume the 21600 signifies 6 hours broken into seconds? This calculation you offered actually works to sort until 5 am not 5:59 am. thanks
  9. Creating a subsummary by date is very easy and printing my records this way is a cinch. What I want to do is offset my 'day' and create a subsummary where the 'day' starts at 6 am and ends at 5:59 am so entries after midnight still print the same day before midnight. Any simple solutions to this one? thanks
  10. To get back on topic here, I tried the suggestion above and yes, SAVE to PDF works as both as a stand alone command from the menu bar, and as a Script step. Based on my scrolling through a couple of dozen posts on the topic in these forums, it seems that the 'print to PDF feature' in Leopard is non functional when accessing it from either FM8, FM8.5 or even FM9.0.3 Until either Leopard is updated or FM comes out with a new FM9 update that allows the print to PDF or Preview buttons to work, Save as PDF seems to be the only solution to get your PDFs created. That said, not a bad solution in the long run. To be sure, I only came across this issue because I was using the normal method of choosing the Acrobat Pro printer driver like I would any other printer on my network only to discover that Acrobat Pro isn't actually working EITHER on Leopard at the moment. Adobe is saying end of Jnuary 2008 for that update but its, ummm, Feb 5th already.
  11. It sounds like a Leopard issue since most people are having the same problem with 8.5v2, which why I am scanning these forums at the moment. I had this issue come up today, especially problematic since Acrobat Professional ALSO won't print in Leopard either. Interesting to note that this issue is also present in V 9.3 since upgrading was my first thought. Maybe I will save my money for now...
  12. I updated to the latest 8.5v2 upgrade and have been running Leopard succesfully until I tried to 'save as PDF'. That was when I realized I couldn't do this. Any idea whether this is really an incompatibility I won't be able to get around at all unless I upgrade to FM9 Advanced? Considering that Adobe hasn't updated their Acrobat Professional app yet I am stuck 'saving as Postscript' then opening in Preview and resaving as PDF each time I wish to print something from Filemaker. Since nearly all of my Filemaker work is designed to print to PDF first, its going to be a lot of extra work for me. I guess at the end of the day, if they are going to force me to purchase fm9 even though they claim it works with Leopard, all I want to hear from this forum is that fm9 prints properly in the new OS and that there aren't other glaring known issues to worry about. thanks
  13. Sorry I haven't posted in a while, but have been on 'tour' and working 20 hour days as a result. As for your comment: Didn't the 4 tables have a fair share of fields in common?? It's pretty inconvenient since some persons might maintain various functions, this would make your tables a nightmare to syncronize - the idea of having the same data in two tables is honestly not fully embraced as "referential integrity" Whether it made sense or not, the whole reason I was doing what I was doing was to address exactly that - namely that ALL contact can be in one table (partly as you said because most of the information in each record is identical and also because its so much easier to perform a search for a specific person), yet I have to be able to place them into a 'tour directory' as per their specific job title. To that end, my structure only had 3 tables in it and I was tackling the issue as best as I could. You concern that one person may be able to do more than one thing is valid, however this special case in my instance could only occur once in a while (a travel agent would never become a musician for instance). It seems you have solved it regardless so I needn't worry about 'special instances' - interestingly, the entire sysem is based on the start and end dates of each tour, so a lot of that structure is already built into the tables I have. Ok, reviewing your example file, only a couple of questions at this time: 1 - can the checkbox format just as easily be changed to a value list or popdown menu since the list of categories may be too large for that kind of format? can you forsee any issues with this other than the fact that it might limit the enduser from choosing more than one job category? 2 - how do you get from what you have done to a layout like the directory type I sent in initially as a PDF document? I will still need to print this in that format for publication purposes. Thanks for any insights - you are helping a ton. cheers
  14. I am sorry, but I am coming into this a little late and it seems I have upset someone when I didn't mean to. It also seems someone answered a post of mine and yet it has been removed from the forum. I didn't think that my posting was that much of a problem and I am not entirely clear how this solved anything. I posted questions about value lists in one forum and questions about relationships in another. They are about the same set of tables, but if it seems I am posting twice its because I really don't know where the question is best asked. Because I am tackling two related (sic) but different elements of my problem, it first seemed best to post one way then I changed tack and tried it another way. I changed tack mostly because I am getting some concepts and teaching myself at least some of what I need to know along the way. How can that be a bad thing? Please understand that its very hard to post the full file I am working on since it has thousands of records and a dozen tables, some of which I am slowly converging from separate files as it existed in FM6 to a single set of tables. I know this isn't the best way to work but its really the only way this solution CAN work as its being used everyday. To that end I appreciate any suggestions and help I have been offered so far to grasp something I wasn't getting before. I certainly am not here to upset anyone, just to try to learn from all of you, yet as you well know its very hard to even ask the questions sometimes so others can know how to answer them. I sat down last night and came up with a simple file in an attempt to understand how I could do what I needed to do to see if I could post something that would articulate better what I was trying to do. Along the way I learned a few things. Its kind of working but I need to know if its completely off track before I dig deeper into it. At the same time, I can't get the value lists to work the way I need them to. Is this a relationship issue or is it a value list issue? Or is it both? I honestly don't know but if you can assist me that would be great. thanks
  15. I think I may have solved at least SOME of the question above by fooling around for a couple of hours. I think I just need to solve the filtered value list end of it so only the right records are seen in the appropriate places. Please let me know if this attached file is the correct many to many structure for what I am trying to do and let me know if you can suggest how to create the filtered value lists I need to make this 100% functional. thanks TourPersonnel.fp7.zip
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