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  1. ok I figured it out! Thank you sbg2! I just needed to use the export records action as the export to excel doesnt have the same options. [email protected]
  2. Actually I do know about doing it that way. My problem is that the export always includes the repeated data even though they are a summary, I am trying to export the grand total and sub total's form the layout, not the summary data from the layout. Sorry for not being clear, here are some pictures to help explain a bit. I would like the data to be exactly like what the report layout shows instead it is the complete find and not the actual screen data.
  3. I am using FM8 pro and I have created a report layout that works perfectly. It is made by only showing the summary fields for each postal code to essential add up sales figures by postal codes. The report works fine and the pdf export is perfect, exactly whatever you see on screen. The probelm is that I want to export this data to excel, but when I use the export to excel feature, it exports all of the data each record and not just the summary fields as I have on the report, it infact exports every record with the same numbers as they are summary fields. Is there a way to do this or is there some sort of third party app that can have the report printed as a comma delim or csv file? I am using a mac. Any help would be greatly appreciated as Filemaker wants to charge me for support to tell me that it can't be done.
  4. A very nice support fellow named Tracy over at Filemaker sent me this sample file to describe how to do this! Works like a charm! SummaryByZipSample.zip
  5. Thanks for a reply! I have done just this and all i get is the grand total line with no sub summary lines at all? Could this be a bug in FM 8? Or am I doing something wrong? I did notice that in the changes notes for fm8v2 there was an item about a fix for summary fields.
  6. Add a Structured Query Language engine? Otherwise this is just visicalc with another interface.
  7. Have you solved this? I am facing the exact same problem, I have imported data that has many fields that have the same postal code, the record also has a store number, a date, a category, a number of transactions, and a sales amount. What I want to do is have some one use a find to select the store number and a date range, then report them as summaries(Transactions and sales) by postal code. I think this is very much like the Bob 20 example in the beginning of htis thread. I cannot believe this isnt part of Filemaker? Insane, they should call filemaker pro, filemaker limited and filemaker advanced, filemaker less limited. Here is how I would do it in c or php or whatever using sql statements: Begin loop, select distinct * from records.postal code , where store number = something then select * from records where postal code = returned value then add up the totals wiht the loop and print the totals(using the var) for each distinct postal code Now if someone could point us towards a way to do this with say a find, then some sort of script/funciton to select disting postal codes and add up the amounts that would be great. I have included a print out of my relationships if this could help, there is only on e relationship and the other three tables are lookups for drop downs so tha tthe city names etc are consistant marksdataprocess.pdf
  8. I am but a newbie and have tried to read up on everything I can but alas I am a bit loist on a couple of items in filemaker 8: First off I am using regular filemaker 8 not advanced(not sure why there are 2 differnt versions) anyhow I have created a table to import data into and it is working great, I have some serial fields, some calculated field and some summary fields. Here is the schema: sales_data:: sd_id -> serial autonum creation_date -> the date the record is imported data_date -> the date in the original text file postal -> postal code store_num -> store number category -> also a field in the original text file business_account -> text file field transactions -> number of trans in text file field sales _> sale amount for the record in the text file field FSA -> forward sort area, caled as first 3 chars of postal Transaction Summary -> summary of transaction field Sales summary -> summary of sales field I also have a couple of other tables that I created to assist with finds and reporting: city:: city_name -> text city_id -> auto serial Region:: region_name ->name of region region_id -> serial District:: disctrict_name -> name disctrict_id -> serial Store: store_num -> number of store Store_dist -> chosen from district store_city -> chosen from city store_region -> chosen from region This gives me a way to import my data from a text file(this is excellent I only wish I could do this in mySQL/PHP) It also gives me a way to create stores with region, city and district info What I cannot figure out how to do is take the imported data and: Sort, View and Export to pdf/excel by: Dates(range): Store by FSA, Total Transactions and Total Sales Store by postal, Total Transactions and Total Sales also by : Dates(range): categories by FSA and total Trans category by postal total tranascations I am an experienced sql developer that could write a set of sql scripts that SELECT from where order by statements that could do this in a snap, the problem here is I cannot seem to translate these sql statements into FIlemaker scripts/layouts. Am I missing something or is this just not possible? Please help, I am interested in Filemaker but so far it seems to be very limited in function, I hate to call it an in-between from a spreadsheet and a simple integrated db/app layer but it seems as though I cannot get this reporting working with the menus provided. Thanks in advance, and I hope by writing this long description it will help another.
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