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  1. That solution worked great. Thank you! I actually used in the calc field: List (topics::Desc) I still needed it as a list but didn't know about this before.
  2. Yes, multiple items are checked. Is this a portal solution? Which I'm not very familiar with.
  3. I have a problem that's come up at the end of several steps. Here goes: Table One is called "topics". This table has two fields "topic ID" and "topic Name". Table Two is called "locations". This table has a field with a check box style value list. The value list is generated from the other table's "topics ID" and "topic Name". This all works great. It displays all the records in "topics" table with the id and name showing. So, what I want to do now, is display the checked values on a report. If I put the check box field on the report as a standard edit box, it only displays the data under "topic ID". I'm assuming this is because that's how the relationship between the two tables is set up. I'd like the field to display just the "topic name" or even both, but the id number doesn't really tell much. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks.
  4. Hi, I've run into a situation where FM will crash when trying to print a report that has linked pdfs in a container field. The pdfs are linked straight into the container field and they vary in size from a 200k to 1.5mg. I've narrowed it down to the pdfs because it will print fine with other items like jpgs in the field. As FM rip/sends the report to the printer it'll get a few pages in and then crash. I tried removing the files that it crashed on, but then it got just a few more pages in and crashed again. Has anyone had problems with pdfs in the past or have any tips about file size, etc.... Thanks! -Wing
  5. Hi, I'm building a image database in FM 8.5 and was wondering if there is a way to import the metadata that is already associated with an image. For example, if you download image comps from a Stock Photo house the image has their keywords and photographer information as metadata. I'd like to have FM read this and put it into a field in my own database. The image is stored in a container field. Any suggestions or starting points would be appreciated. Thanks!! -Wing
  6. That worked perfect! I wasn't familiar with Case function. Thanks! -W
  7. Hi, I've got a calculation field that is running the following calculation: If ( field one = "x" ; field two) This achieves the desired results. But, I also want to check field one for "y" and return a different result. I assumed I could add another "If" statement or an "else if" or "else" but can't seem to get this to work. Is there another way to get this done? Thanks!! -Wing
  8. Thanks for the suggestion. Creating my layout with sub-summaries seemed to get me closer. I'd like to be able to view them in list view under browse mode though. And, unfortunately, I can't change the way it's numbered. It needs to match other material numbered this way. But, It occurred to me that I can set up my relationships a little differently and achieve what I'm looking for. I've attached the relationship graph though, in case anyone is interested. Thanks! -wing
  9. Hi, I am re-building a database originally created in FM5 in FM8.5. In the original file, records were always sorted by a numbering scheme that numerically showed records as being parents and children of each other. For Example (each line is a record, and each set of double digits divided by a "." represented a different type of record.) 01 01.01 01.01.01 01.01.02 01.02 01.02.01 02 02.01 02.01.01 etc. I could then sort by the above numbers and see visually which records belonged to what records by the simple fact of them being stacked like an outline. In my re-build I am taking advantage of multiple tables and creating a table for each set of two digits. So, each type of record is now in a table of its own. My question is how can I generate a report/list view that will show all the records from the multiple tables together and in the same sorting order as above. I've approached it with portals, but have run into a couple problems like sorting multiple tables into each other and the fact that there could be an infinite number of child records under any number of parents. I've always got the option of combining everything into one table again, but would prefer to do this the right way (if there is one). Any suggestions would be very welcome. Thanks. -wing
  10. The scripting for parsing out the info is a little over my head at the moment, but I'm figuring it out. This is exactly the thread I needed. Thanks! -w
  11. I'm building an image cataloging system and have a container field that houses a linked file. I'd like to have a field display the path to the linked file, so we can track where the image file is stored. I've looked and only been able to find reference to the database file path, and nothing about a file in a container field. Likewise, having a field display the files name would be wonderful too. Suggestions? Thanks. -wing
  12. Thanks! That was the issue. It works great now. -wing
  13. Thanks the script is: ----------------------- If ["Component Type = "Zone""] Go to Layout ["Zone Worksheet"] End If If ["Component Type = "Area""] Go to Layout ["Area Worksheet"] End If --------------------------- The script continues in exactly the same function. This script is currently attached to buttons that let you navigate through the records. It seems to work fine, but maybe it's confusing this new script. -wing
  14. Hi, I'm having a problem printing using a script that I wrote to automate a very tedious task. I have records that need to be printed from different layouts. They also need to be printed in a particuliar order. So, record "1" needs layout "A", record "2" needs layout "B", and record "3" needs layout "C". (There are many many many records but I'm only dealing with three until I get the script worked out. The script is as follows: ------------------------------ Go to Record/Request/Page [First] Print Setup [] Loop Perform Script [sub-scripts, "go to worksheet"] Print [No dialog] Go to Record/Request/Page [Exit after last, Next] End Loop ------------------- The sub-script above is a scipt I've used throughout the file to take you to the appropriate layout. So far it has worked fine. What happens is three pages print. Record "1" is on layout "A". This is correct. Record "2" and "3" print on layout "A" as well. They should be on layouts "B" and "C". It just occured to me that the scrip is not looping, and the print dialog is just printing all three records at once? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! -wing
  15. Hi, I currently have a portal that is pulling sample text from other records. Unfortunately, the number of records it pulls from and the amount of text it needs to show varies. This results in the sample text being cut off, or not show in the size portal I have. When printing these reports, there's lots of empty space to account for all the variations. I thought a solution would be to have a field pull all the contents of the portal into one text field that I could then set to slide. I assume it's like a calc field, but don't know how to properly write the script to achieve this. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! -wing
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