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  1. Thanks. Any idea when FileMaker is going to release UB version? NotPro
  2. Hi, I recently bought an iMac, and having created a runtime application on the Mac, the Get Info tells me that the runtime application is PowerPC. I am just wondering can such runtime application run on Intel-Mac? Or just PowerPC? Thanks for whatever feedback. NotPro
  3. Sorry, I am a little lost. What is dmg file? And which particular disk utility you are refering to to create dmg file? Actually, I am just wondering, an application developed in Windows can it be compiled to run on Mac? NotPro
  4. Thanks. I will look into the plug-in you suggested. NotPro
  5. Hi all, I would like to place a button in my filemaker application, and the purpose of this button when clicked is to execute external functions such as opening file (not necessarily Filemaker application file) or saving file, how can this be done? Or can it be done at all? Thanks in advance. NotPro
  6. Hi all, I have browsed through this forum trying to find a solution to my problem. I kind of saw something there, but not quite there, if you know what I mean. Now, I want to export records using a script, when the script comes to this export step, a window will pop-up prompting user for a filename, this same window also provides options at the bottom of the windows allowing user to "Automatically open the file" or "Create email with file as attachment". If I check the "Create email with file as attachment", it will fire the e-mail client with the filename as attachment etc. However, what I need in my script is to be able to capture the user input for filename (whatever the user has entered) and use it later to send an email (not through the local email client) with this filename as attachment. I know it is there somewhere, but how do I script it? Thanks for whatever help possible. NotPro
  7. Ah, I have similar requirement in this respect as well. When executing a script to export record, a window dialog box will open up for user to input whatever filename they wish and what file type they would like to save the file etc. But I am interested to get whatever the user has keyed in as filename in the script, how can I capture the complete filename (together with extension) that the user has keyed-in in the script? Thanks in advance. NotPro
  8. NotPro


    Thanks. So, that's what it is designed for. It can be handy I guess. Thanks NotPro
  9. NotPro


    Hi all, I don't even know whether this is the right place to post this topic. Anyhow, the drop-down menu of Window on the menu bar has an item that says "Show window" along with a right pointing arrow which is supposed to trigger another submenu on FM Pro 8 Advanced, however, my copy of FM Pro 8 Advanced does not show anything at all, I am just wondering what is it for? Or am I the only one having this problem with FM Pro 8 Advanced Ver 2? Appreciate any feedback. Thanks a lot. NotPro
  10. Thank you SD. Yeah, "Erratical" may be is a strong word, I guess erratical applies to my not-so-logical thinking. Anyway, I will try what you have suggested, but the idea is as follow: A script step is used to gather list of contacts using Contact ID, therefore, the compiled list of ID could look something like 3 5 8 34 44 46 51 ..., however, after a couple of substitute, the string could look like: 344 46 51..., and subsequent substitute it may look 446 51..., and by the time the entire string has been substituted, the string can not be equated to blank. Anyway, I will try what you have suggested. Thanks a lot. NotPro
  11. Thanks a lot. I have yet to try out what you all have suggested. However, what if my database is designed in such a way that a table is defined with all relevant information about a member, and the spouse & children are in separate table and another table for other information about the member, all linked throug relationship, but these separate information appears in separate tabs? I hope you understand what I mean, in which case, can export be done the same way as you have suggested? Thanks in advance. NotPro
  12. Hi, I have a membership database where the layout is designed in such a way that only the relevant fields (information) are related to the member, on the same layout, I use Tab Control to manage information pertaining to family members in inclusing spouse's information etc. Now, when I export the database to Excel, all information on the main layout related to the member get exported correctly, as well as information on the tab control being displayed at the time of export, all information on the other tabs do not get exported. Any idea how I can export every information (information on the main layout, and all information on the tab controls) to an Excel file at once? Appreciate any feedback. Thanks NotPro
  13. Thanks for the suggestion. I tried, but it didn't work. Apparently, a clean set of result can be obtained if I change line 9 and 10, instead of using LeftWords(), or MiddleValues(), RightWords() seems to work a lot better, except the ContactListGlobal cannot be equated to "" which is used to end the loop. Any idea why LeftWords() and MiddleValues() behave erratically? Thanks NotPro
  14. Hi all, I have similar problem with substitute, maybe you guru out there can help. Part of my script looks somthing like this: 1. Set field [Post::ContactListGlobal; "] 2. Go to Related Record [From table:.........] 3. Loop 4. Set Field [Post::ContactListGlobal; Post::ContactListGlobal & Contact::ContactID & "P"] 5. Go to Record/Request/Page [Next, Exit after last] 6. End Loop 7. Go to Layout ["Post" (Post)] 8. Loop 9. Set Field[Post::ContactIDGlobal; LeftWords(Post::ContactListGlobal; 1)] 10. Set Field[Post::ContactListGlobal; Substitute (Post::ContactListGlobal; LeftWords (Post::ContactListGlobal;1) & "P";"")] .... Of course the "P" is the carriage return symbol. Up until step 6, ContactListGlobal is generated nicely, something like 3 5 7 38 44 46 However, when it steps through to step 10, the first couple of loops works fine, but when it comes to the double digits part, the result can be unpredictable, after 38, the next value can be 446, instead of 44 46, it is the second digit of 4 from 44 that has gone missing. Just to make it clearer, suppose the generated data is 3 5 6 46 48, when it comes to step 10 and the double digits part, ContactListGlobal can be 448. By the way, Contact::ContactID is a serialized data Auto-enter field. Any idea how to get a clean result? Or is this a bug in FileMaker Pro 8 Adv? Thanks a lot. NotPro
  15. I recently installed SMTPit Pro plug-in, and when I tried out the example files that comes with SMTPit Pro, there is this message "QuickTime and a none decompressor are needed to view this picture" displayed right in the middle of every screen. I asked CNS about the problem, screen shot was emailed to CNS, but they couldn't resolve it and suggested that I referred the matter to FileMaker, having sent a number of emails to FileMaker, their support so far has been hopeless. Not only the above mentioned message gets displayed, the graphics of CNS example files don't seem to work correctly. Has anyone out there experienced this? Can anyone help? Thanks a lot. NotPro
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