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  1. I have a calculation which counts the number of days End Date - Start Date I need the calculation to ignore weekends. If the number of days is 8 but two of the days are on a Saturday and Sunday, the calculation should return 6
  2. I am trying to organize my script groups but when I try to moving a group outside of the group it is in, it puts all group scripts inside the one I just moved. Example Scripts List (the dashes do not appear in the script list, they are here to maintain the correct format in this post) Group 1 Scripts (Folder) ----script 1.1 ----script 1.2 ----Group 2 Scripts (Folder) ----Group 3 Scripts (Folder) Groups 2 and 3 should be not be inside Group 1. If I drag Group 3 Scripts above Group 1 Scripts I get the following Group 3 Scripts (Folder) ----Group 1 Scripts (Folder) ------script 1.1 ------ script 1.2 ----Group 2 Scripts (Folder) What I want is: Group 1 Scripts (Folder) ---script 1.1 ---script 1.2 Group 2 Scripts (Folder) Group 3 Scripts (Folder) Sometimes I can get it to work (random) but as I add additional groups they eventually get mixed up.
  3. I'm have a problem with getting a repeating calulation field to display all values from another repeating field. Field1 Repeat Field (red,blue,green) Repeat field calc: if (Field1 = "test"; Repeat Field; "") It returns only the first value (red)
  4. Is there a way to perform a script based on a calculation. Similar to the go to layout step?
  5. Does this mean that global fields in a server environment are temporary and or locked to an original entry before the database is activated on a server?
  6. I have a problem with global fields when running or filemaker server When data is chanaged in a global field the information is lost after the user closes the database. If the global field is set before it is activated on filemaker server this data will stay, but again reverts to the original entry after the user closes the file How do I get the global field to retain its data Thanks
  7. Flynn

    <No Access>

    Is there way to change the display in a field to something less jarring?
  8. Flynn

    Horizontal Portals

    Never mind, found it. Using the format Initial row option.
  9. Is there a way to display portals rows horizontal instead of vertical?
  10. Is there a way to create a value list showing all of the Names from Accounts and Privileges?
  11. Is there a way to capture the data entered in Find mode to be displayed in browse mode? Here are the steps There are 6 search fields: 1. User performs a find request 2. The find data that is entered for each field is captured 3. Perform find is executed 4. In browse mode the found records are displayed "list view". 5. Also displayed is "Your last search was:" for each field
  12. I am trying to setup a field where each value is unique except for one instance. Example A number field where each record would have a unique entry except when entering the number 10 which could have multiple records.
  13. Guess this falls under the category "RTFM" : What a time saver. Thanks
  14. Use the & Symbol instead of + Left ( Name ; 3 ) & Left ( City ; 3 ) & Left ( State ; 2 )
  15. If I follow this would work but I would need a different script for each field. My objective is to have one script work for any field that it is attached to. I've attached a sample file. Across the top are 3 fields if you select one of the fields and click Display Name, the Name of that field will be displayed. If you click on the Blue or Green Fields with the "Display Name" Script Attached nothing happens. Filemaker does not recognize the attached field as the active field. Button_Test.fp7.zip
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