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  1. I agree with the sentiments that version 12 is not without major issues. I too converted a complex solution only to find issues down the track. Apart from some problems with layouts which I attended to I have found problems with some scripts on conversion and the major issue has been with PDF saving . My experience has been one of frustration and embarrassment as a FileMaker fan.. It is not stable on Mountain Lion. As far as FileMaker Go is concerned I would not recommend it. It is slow and clunky and limited. Again problems with container fields storing PDF files. The support from FileMaker is anything but adequate and in my view a service that most should not accept. Overall a very frustrating and disappointing experience. I would simply like FMI to be honest and responsive to their client base.
  2. Is it possible to successfully move a site file from the original machine it was created on to another machine ?
  3. ptr88l

    error -9706

    I cannot print from Filemaker (V8.03 or 9.01) and get an error -9076. Other applications are not affected. This error has only recently appeared. I cannot find a reference to this error code anywhere. Does any one have ay ideas please. : [color:red]
  4. Can anyone offer suggestions to help me manage a diverse solution with 8 files, each with a range of print scripts. (portrait, landscape,single sided,double sided, etc)What are some recommended approaches to this? I don't think it's possible but it would be excellent if all print set up and print scripts could be stored in one file.
  5. We run a mixed network off a G5 server. Printing from the Macs is fine but the wintels are very very slow, even spooling the job takes so much longer. I have tried by-passing the print server and have them print direct and have increased memory on guest machines. The printers are Canon multifunctionals. Other applications on the wintels don't have this problem. Would anyone be able to offer suggestions on this. Thanks
  6. We run a G5 as our server. Would like to schedule backups to the Novell server. Is this possible/recommended? If yes what is the best method? Than you
  7. I am having a similar problem. Can you please explain what you mean by dynamic filepaths and calculations? Regards
  8. I have tried placing the pdf file on the desktop of the server and storing only a reference to the pdf document without success Any suggestion or help would be appreciated.
  9. I have a letter templates file set up so the user can enter the text 'firstname' in the body of a letter. Then in the main file a substitute calc that puts the clients first name in to the letter. My problem is trying to format the letter so it does not allow the text to break into the next line. i hope this is clear ? eg i get Rob ert instead of Robert Depending on the number of characters in the person's name it might or might not fit.
  10. thank you for the suggestion. Where would be a central location? I have had the file in the data folder of fm server. Should i put it in the g:common drive of the novell/pc network ? would the macs not see it then? or should i put on or two levels higher on the mac server. eg the desktop?
  11. We run a mixed network of xp and osx. We would like to have users able to click on a button to open a pdf. I have tried using a container field and storing a reference to the pdf file. But the guest machines can't find the pdf file. How (and can) this be set up to open the pdf file? What am I doing wrong? Is there a relatively easy answer to this?
  12. I am unclear as to what you mean by 'form feed as at present'. would it be possible to clarify ? Do you intend printing say one record from table A then related record from table B and loop thru a found set?
  13. I am uable to generate a DDR on a multi table solution. I have tried de-selecting other tablees as well as most options (eg file references). The FM application hangs. Could this indicate a corrupted layout or script??? I have also tried running it with clones - same result. It seems to run with xml but what application do yuo use to make sense of it ?[color:red]
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