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  1. JRW

    Slide printing issue

    Okey dokey. From the mac it prints as displayed. No overlaps/over writes. It just works. Same printer. From the PC to a different printer. Same problem. Printing to PDF the page displays correctly in Acrobat, but when printed (from Acrobat) the overlap occurs. Curiouser and curiouser. Print driver/FM issue? Suggestions on where to start? Thanks.
  2. JRW

    Slide printing issue

    Happens on PCs so far. Customer reported the problem so, yes more than 1 printer. I'll try and find another printer to test on here as well. I'll install on my Mac & let you know. Cheers, JRW
  3. Folks, Interesting problem. In it's simplest form, I can preview a page and the page looks perfect. Headers & footers are where they are there are no white spaces, etc. etc. When I go to print (HP LaserJet 4050) the print out prints slightly smaller (which creates white space) and now the text from the next page (field) appears on this page (Filemaker doing its slide printing filling up the white space). Which is find except that the text being brought "up" to fill in the space is overwriting the footer. YUCK! On the next page the same text overwrites the header on that page. Oh, and forget about fixed page margins. The text appears cut off at the top & bottom. It's almost like on the print out the header & footer (and margins) are being ignored or treated as white space and the fields are sliding up. I've checked all the parts on the layout. They're all the same. All the fields in all the parts all have the same slide printing options. Page margins are fixed. Is this a feature? -) Any suggestions are welcome. JRW
  4. Well, if someone knows how to copy the contents of a field (or clipboard) into AS that would be nice to know. Anyway... In my search for finding a way to get the current path, I ran across another handler type for AS, "On idle". I put this in the script & voila. The script now runs in the background & quits. Problem solved. Thanks for the suggestions. Now on to testing. Cheers, JRW
  5. Good suggestion. I tried that too. -) The issue I have is with the script statement that I used "path to me" when contained within Filemaker returns "/Applications/Filemaker 6/Filemaker Developer" and not the path of where the DBs are. I've searched for a script command that that gives the current working directory (ala status (currentFilePath)). No such luck. Hm. Maybe I could save the path in a field & access it in the script. Let me work on that one. It's all new to me. (nothing like explaning a problem & coming up with a solution) Cheers, JRW
  6. Ok, found the right proecdure. Just need to figure out how to link it. JRW
  7. Two steps forward... and one back. Thank you for the suggestion. This proved to be an interesting challenge. Ok, I completed an Applescript to convert the CRs to LFs (YEAH!). Thank goodness for the web. Put together a few scripts to eventually do what I needed. I run it from the Finder & all is good. I create a script in FM6 run AppleScript & say "tell finder launch (activate) myScript". Simple! Obviously FM6 is sending an action other than run/activate/open as the script opens and does nothing. Grr! Does anyone know what handler I need to declare in AS for a launch/activate being received from FM6? I'm SOOOOO close. JRW
  8. I'm hoping there is a simple solution. I am exporting several DBs to .csv files and ftping them to a linux host. When the export is done on a PC no problems. On a Mac, the carriage returns in the uploaded file are not recognized and the data is handled like one long record in Linux. Is there away to get FM6 to export .csv with CR & LF (or which ever one linux is expecting)? Or does this need to be addressed on the receiving end? JRW
  9. Folks, I'm not sure if this is the right place to start, but there are sure lots of good answers here. **warning newbie programing question** I have been tasked with creating a plug-in for filemaker who's single task it is, is to launch a file (ultimately a Java applet). Yes, I am aware someone has done this with Launch it and I have tested this, but it seems over-kill at this point. I'm up for a small challenge. I've grabbed the 24U FM Template & compiled it in CodeWarrior 8.3 on a Mac (OS X.4). I've been successful with the version test sample & passing back & forth the path to a file. (Who knew this could be so easy) My question now is, what is the "C" procedure call to "open" or "launch" a file given a path (on a Mac, they tell me the equivalent on a PC is system())? I'm not familiar with either. I've found the following (within the codewarrior reference manuals) int open (const char *path, int oflag); #include But have been unable to get it to link (undefined symbol _open). Is this the correct call or should I be looking else where? Appreciate any thoughts. JRW
  10. Really!?!? And I suppose it's been that way forever? -) OK, SHIFT key it is. Nothing like getting the new year off to a bright start. I guess I've been working in the Mac environment a little too long. Silly. Thanks for the speedy replies folks. JRW
  11. I have this one file (main file) that on Windows XP will not prompt for a password at open, even with the ALT key held down. Other files (other projects) work fine. The only way I can get in with administrator privledges is to open a secondary file that opens the mainfile in the background. I've copied the file to a Mac and it DOES prompt for a password with the option key held down. I've tried recovering the file and saving as to no avail. Any suggestions are welcome. JRW
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