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  1. Thanks Feldon Everything went great. The only thing that I don't know what to do is , the new plants that were imported didn't auto-enter the serial number for my product ID number. Is there a way to auto-enter serial numbers for the new products? Thanks Con
  2. I am new to this so be very clear in describing what direction I should go. What I have is a database for a landscape company. One of the layouts is for "Products". To keep it simple, it has an item #, description, size, price, SKU# and supplier name. One of my suppliers sends me a excel spreadsheet with the SKU#, name, price and size for the plants available that year. It has about 2500 plants on it. In the spring I need to update my prices for the next year. I need to import the new prices, identify the new products, and identify the products that are not available that year. Sometimes they may not have that plant that year but will have it the next year. I identify those products with a check box field called “Active”. Need some detailed help in how I should do this. Thanks in advance Con
  3. Fenton: Thanks for your response. I am trying to work up a test database to see if I can put it together. The question I have is, do you create one table & duplicate it to form a parent/ child (kit / Part) or are they two different tables with different fields? Then do you create a join table to join to the invoice table with the kit / part tables? Thanks Con
  4. I am a Landscape designer and use filemaker to a limited degree to create my estimates & invoices. I have been estimating with both material & labor added together as one item for my estimate. I would like to start creating “Components”/ kits to put together groups of material, labor, subcontracting, & equipment. My question is, I am looking for a simple example of the relationships of Invoice, Line Items, Components, and Items to get me started and build off of. Keep in mind that I might sell Items to a customer only (ie. Sugar Maple delivered) and need to put an item on the invoice without being a component. Thanks in advance, Con
  5. I have a plant database and am trying to print a plant catalog of the plants that are on my invoice. I press a button and it prints the plant catalog. What I want is to have two plants (as Below) on each page. One plant per half page. The problem that I am having is I try to adjust the size and seems that I can't get the size just right. The part definitions (if they can't be read) are: Header Sub-summery when sorted by type BODY SUB-SUMMERY BY PRODUCT TYPE (TRAILING) FOOTER Any Help??? THANKS CON
  6. jstaphse I got it. Thanks for your help. Con
  7. Yes and no. If you do a google image search on "Nearly Wild Rose" you may get 53 pages of images. I would look through the images to select the best and closest to reality. Then I would copy that image and paste it into my database of plants. Thanks Con
  8. Thanks, but I would like to see the google images of the plant when I want. I have some pictures with each plant material in my data base. If I see a picture of a plant to add to my data base, I could copy it and add it to that record, ie. "Nearly Wild Rose". Con
  9. I am a "Newbie" so please keep it simple. I would like to make a button that would copy the plant name (Botanical Name)field; go to Google Images and do a search for images with that field name. Can you help me? Thanks in advance Con
  10. I am a newbie so bare with me. I am designing an invoicing database for my landscape company. I was wondering if the relationship of multi products (Plants, equipment, labor, subcontracting, and hardscapes) would have a relationship like I have in the attachment? My next question is if wanted to group together a plant item and group it to a labor item from each tble to make one line item and one price how would I do this? Some landscape databases call this an assembly or kit. All the items that make up the assembly are added to the estimate and the quantities of each item are calculated based on the quantity entered for the assembly. I would want to be able to create new assemblies. If you can help, Thanks Con
  11. Yes, Each plant/size (Colorado Spruce 2" BB) has its own Product_ID number. The plant, (Colorado Spruce) has one "Type"number. If you look at the Product table view, Colorado Spruce has 3 Product_ID numers with the same "Type" numebers. Sugar Maple has 4 Product numbers but one "Type" number. Thanks again
  12. Thanks a lot for all of the help. I changed the file so that it would look more like the layout I will have. I just have 2 questions. • In the specification file, I have a unique "Type" field for every plant name but not product record. There are many plants with multiple Product_ID fields because of the product/size. Because I have thousands of plants records, is there a fast way to attach the "type" to the product. • Second question. I would like to add "hardscape" (Pavers) product to the specification file. When I do that the fields totally change. I don't need Height, width, shape. But may need color, style, etc. How do I deal with this? Again, thinks for all of the help. You guys are great. ProductSpecs.fp7.zip
  13. I am working on a database for invoicing landscape plants. What I would like to do is to print a picture ,description, and care instructions of every plant that is on the invoice. The question is, how would I set up the relationship between invoice, plant, picture, description, and care instructions? Also, there are maybe four sizes of Colorado Spruce that have four different item numbers but I only need one picture, one description (height, width, shape, fall color, etc.) and one set of care instructions to go with those four different item numbers. There may be only 20 different sets of care instructions for the 3,000 different plants. The plant table is large, with over 3,000 different plant_ID's (plants with different sizes to choose from). I am a newbie so keep you answer simple. Any help in putting this relationship together would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  14. I am designing an estimating database for my landscape company. There are times on the estimate that I would like to text in more information than the description field can show. Is there a way to do this within a limited description field within a portal?: I do not have to read all the information in the layout, but want all of the information printed on the estimate. Thanks
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