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  1. O.K. Increase the number of repetitions for the cal field & all works well. Thanks IdealData
  2. Hi I must be missing something. Why does this work: "Sessions Available" in the events table: Case ( IsEmpty ( Title ) and Time = Time ( 9 ; 0 ; 0 );1 ;IsEmpty ( Title ) and Time = Time ( 10 ; 0 ; 0 );1 ;IsEmpty ( Title ) and Time = Time ( 11 ; 0 ; 0 );1 ;IsEmpty ( Title ) and Time = Time ( 13 ; 0 ; 0 );1 ;IsEmpty ( Title ) and Time = Time ( 14 ; 0 ; 0 );1 ;IsEmpty ( Title ) and Time = Time ( 15 ; 0 ; 0 );1) "EventsMonth" in the calendar: Sum ( Events_Month::Sessions Available ) The EventsMonth field displays the number of sessions available for those times on that day without a problem.
  3. Hi once more.. I'm trying to display session times that are available for each day on a calendar in month view. I have an "events" table with the field "available sessions" which is displayed in each day of the calendars month view. "available sessions" is a calc field with the following. Case ( IsEmpty ( Title ) and Time = Time ( 9 ; 0 ; 0 );"9 am" ) ;IsEmpty ( Title ) and Time = Time ( 10 ; 0 ; 0 );"¶""10 am" ;IsEmpty ( Title ) and Time = Time ( 11 ; 0 ; 0 );"¶""11 am" ;IsEmpty ( Title ) and Time = Time ( 13 ; 0 ; 0 );"¶""1 pm" ;IsEmpty ( Title ) and Time = Time ( 14 ; 0 ; 0 );"¶""2 pm" ;IsEmpty ( Title ) and Time = Time ( 15 ; 0 ; 0 );"¶""3 pm") cal is unstored & result is text. so if the 9am & 10am sessions are available for a particular day 9am & 10am will be displayed for that day on the calendar . Can't get this to work. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Comment - Thanks for taking the time to answer my question. Seems obvious with hindsight :
  5. O.K. - figured it out via a relationship. Still would like to know if there is a way of doing this with a calc field.
  6. Hi, I have a portal which tracks client sessions by date. The portal is within a client details layout. One of the field on this layout is "health plan date" (a date field). What I would like to do is have a calc field which displays the number of sessions a client has had since the health plan date. Another words how many portal rows display sessions dated at or later than the date displayed in the "health plan date" field Can this be done with the count function? Thanks
  7. Hi Lee No offence taken. This program can be more than a little frustrating for a novice, especially when trying to nut out relationships. Anyway problem has been solved thanks to this post: http://fmforums.com/forum/showtopic.php?tid/172058/ Steven.
  8. Hi Pooh-Bah. Thanks for replying. As you may have guessed I'm new to Filemaker. I'll try and elaborate on my situation: I have a invoice layout(based on Invoice table) & a fee schedule layout(based on fee schedule table). My aim with the invoice is to make an historical record, hence no portals. The invoice layout consists of(among other things) four drop-down fields: Description 1, Description 2, Description 3 & Description 4 on seperate lines. Each one get a value list from the "fee name" field of the fee schedule table. What I'm trying to do is select a fee name from this list & return the corresponding fee amount from the fee schedule table. I've had some success by relating invoice::description 1 to fee schedule::fee name and creating an unstored calculation field on the invoice layout with "=fee schedule::fee amount". My problem now is how do I get Description 2, 3 & 4 to work? I've tried relating all 4 Description fields to fee name but with no luck. I should also add - there are corresponding calculation fields for each descripion field, such as inc & ex tax, that rely on the fee amount field, so I guess that rules out a repeating field.
  9. Hi Could someone give me a script example to do the following: 1. I manually select value from drop-down field (the values of which, are sourced from related table) 2. A button is pressed and script gets data from that same related table, based on my drop-down selection. 3. Data populates a field next to drop-down field on layout. Sounds easy but its slowly sending me insane! Thanks in advance Steven.
  10. Hi I have a portal for a "Session Notes" table in a "Client Details" layout (based on a "Client Details" table). The portal displays multiple notes on each client record. The "Session Notes" table is related to the "Client Details" table by a "Client ID" field. What I want to do is print out all the session notes displayed in the portal for the current client record via a "Session Note" report. The report is launch by a button on the client layout. I'm guessing I'll need a script with go to layout "Session Note Report" and do a find using the current client ID, but I lack the knowledge to do this.
  11. Problem solved! Simple omit record script attached to button.
  12. Hi all, I've created an invoice report showing amounts outstanding 30, 60 & 90 days. What I'd like to do is exclude invoices marked as paid from the report (Each record has an "invoice paid" yes/no popup field). Any help would be greatly appreciated! Steven
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