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  1. Hi! master I have a field content with number or percentage follow as 12000 or 40% , How to judge percentage in the field? I want to add a script for the total's field. thanks! fage
  2. fage

    scrip the button

    Hi Lee Smith: thanks for your modify, i have add some in the open page please have look. can you tell me how to add a record in the detail page with the button , auto input ID PID.. thank you!! order_test_2.zip
  3. fage

    scrip the button

    Hi! to all how to scrip the button link the Correct record to detail page in the Portal row please open the file thanks!!! fage order_test.zip
  4. Hi! LaRetta very good!!! work well just I need! "unstored" option let calculation easy!! thanks!! you are so kind!
  5. Hi master! I have a difficult problem for a longtime. purpose Calculated in accordance with specified time-frame and repayment。 Description : I recorded data, showing the date of repayment deadlines, in the hope that the results will be automatically calculated to expire automatically after completion. Let me present statistical statements accurate statistical Current issues When I change the computer clock or open it at new days , the Records not eligible for the implementation of orders。 Request you to help teachers in the test presentation or modified. Thank you. test3.zip
  6. many thanks!! can i use the ≥ or ≤ to list money ? fage
  7. sorry that file i have upload it again to here test1.zip
  8. hi Genx i have upload the file you can see it. fage
  9. Hi:friends which script can find sometings at two fields? i want to find "date" and "total_money". thanks test.zip
  10. thank!!! i can search it now symbol == can do it
  11. Hi firends! my english is poor, can you tell me how to wirte scrip for search no data records in FmPro. This field name is HJ, type is number. i want to search HJ's option is no data, some them is >1 , i only need to find them is 0, i have try to it yet . but i can not find it out with zero(0), how to wirte the scripts or which symols can use it at here . tell me master!! thanks!!
  12. fage

    list in portal

    Hi aaa! thank you for your help. i have know that. i will change it
  13. fage

    list in portal

    Hi aaa! thanks for your information. i have just remove it and add the new file .zip
  14. fage

    list in portal

    I want to list company name is "computer store" and public date < 2005-1-1 . who can tell me how to do it by script attachment.zip
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