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  1. Thank U so much. It works like a charm for me. Filermaker Server 10 on Win2k8 Server 64bit. MysqlServer 5.1 on XServe running 10.5.8. I've followed tissot's info. :
  2. bump... any suggestion? please... thank u in advance :
  3. Ok it seems to be solved... I've copied, in a new field, the value of the first calculated field via a script. I've applied the trigger to this field that activate a dialog when the value in the triggered field is different from the value of the calculated field. hope that this could be usefull for somebody else. BTW thanx to everybody :thanks:
  4. sorry i've forgotten to mention that both fields ar calculated... so i think that's impossible to do. In a few words what i wanna do is that an alert advice me when one of the two calculated fields is not equal to the other, every time in that record one of the values changes. Many thanx
  5. thank you, maybe this could be usefull in a future upgrade... thank you anyway
  6. Hi everybody i've trying to apply a script trigger to a calculation field that should start when the value of the calculation is not equal to another field. I think that i'm wrong but nothing happens with the script when the condition is true. Thank you in advance for any suggestion. Maybe the script trigger is not applicable to the calculation field?
  7. I confirm that the problem still continue under Filemaker Pro 9v3 on XP boxes. No problems with Filemaker Pro 9v3 on OSX 10.5.2. Does anybody have any suggestion? Please keep pushing on Filemaker to solve the problem, because there were no probs with Filemaker 8. :
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