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  1. I was trying to setup the SMTP information on FM16 Server for email notifications using my gmail account but can't seem to get the "magic" going ( see images ). Just not sure what to try at this point OR what I might be missing. Anyone? Thank you. Dom Capobianco
  2. I was thinking for the width and height settings using the : GetThumbnail(field;width;height) script step. My bad -- get script -- it's giving the settings for the container. Nevermind.
  3. Filemaker 15 : I was just wondering if there is an optimal width and height setting for thumbnails or a best practices guide for thumbnail settings.
  4. I'm trying to find a way to export contacts from FM Server or FM Go and then import them into the Contacts iPhone app. Is there an easy way to make that happen because I don't see any import function in the iPhone Contacts app?
  5. djc728

    High Level Pushing Data to a Web Direct layout

    @Comment: Thank you Comment. I just realized I meant "Web Viewer" NOT "Web Direct". It was one of those days. Thanks again for all your help. @Kris M : Thank you for the link. I'll look into that.
  6. djc728

    High Level Pushing Data to a Web Direct layout

    I probably did not explain this well. There is an online government form that I would like to populate with data from my Filemaker database. Instead of cutting and pasting the data into each field on the online form I was hoping I could programmatically take the data from Filemaker to populate the online form. Just not sure if that is possible.. Thanks.
  7. Hello all: Could someone give me a high level view of how I would go about pushing data from Filemaker to an online form. I'm assuming I could open up the online form in a Web Direct layout but what would be the procedure to pull data from fields in Filemaker and push them into input fields on the web form ( if this can even be done ). Just a high level process. Thanks. Dom
  8. djc728

    Portals and Popover Button

    The one thing that has me stumped is the popover button appearing on the overlay. I see that it is hidden when = 1. So what makes it appear. I'm assuming its the Go to object script step and that makes the object = 0???
  9. djc728

    Portals and Popover Button

    Thank you very much -- I love it.
  10. djc728

    Portals and Popover Button

    I have a portal and it has a popover button.  Inside the popover button is a container field.  I'd like to "Insert a PDF" into this container but its "grayed" out ( see enclosed picture ).  The container is set for "interactive" but for some reason I can't seem to insert a PDF and I don't know why it's grayed out.   Also, in my enclosed picture I have inserted the Filemaker Go Development Guide BUT its not interactive and I can't scroll through any part of that PDF document.  I have the latest version of Adobe Reader installed on my Mac but I just can't seem to get this to work.  Anyone have any ideas I can try?  I even recreated the popover button but I still keep getting the grayed out "Insert to PDF" and the PDFs already in the container are NOT interactive.  Dom Â
  11. I was wondering if someone can give me a "high level" view if there is a may to save user's "SAVED FINDS" in a table in the database and give them an interface to select those "SAVED FINDS" in the future. The guys at my job do a lot of repetitive finds and I'd love to be able to store them in a table for them so they can use them in the future. Dom
  12. djc728

    FIND with Pause and then Sort

    LaRetta: Thank you very much -- I had one of those moments. Dom
  13. Hello all: I'm sure this is a very simple thing BUT I'm banging my head trying to do this. I want to do a simple find and then after the user types into a field and hits enter to execute the find -- I want to be able to sort the browselist. I have a simple button on a browselist with the following code underneath: Enter Find Mode [Pause] Sort Records [Restore; No Dialog] The issue I'm having is that the script never executes the Sort Records command. Dom
  14. Hello:  I'm trying to create an Invoice type report with VERTICAL lines ( see enclosed pic ).  I'm having a difficult time because of the resizing of my fields and it just never seems to work out correctly.   I was wondering if someone has a "best practices" or "trick" to get these vertical lines to work or a way to create an "invoice type" report.  Thank you  Dom  Â

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