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  1. I was trying to use the MBS Filemaker to download and save a file from a web viewer, and was having trouble getting it to do what I wanted (the problem was almost certainly on my end). After a bit of back and forth Christian, the developer, emailed me a new version of the plugin with a function to allow me to easily do what I was trying to do. I'm very impressed!
  2. If I understand what you're asking, that's pretty well what I've done in the example above: One has to construct a calculation that formats the addresses correctly for google. Then I calculate another field, "directions_googleAPI" which is formed to work with the google API. I then set a field with Insert from URL(Bookings::directions_goggleAPI)". I parse out the distance and duration of the trip from that. By the way, to be legal you should note that the Google EULA stipulates that the API must be used in conjunction with the display of a map.
  3. I wrote this, and THEN checked your profile; it says you're on FM 11. IF you're using FM 12, the "Insert from URL" script works pretty well. I created a calculated field "directions_googleAPI": "http://maps.googleapis.com/maps/api/distancematrix/json?origins= " & Map start bookings ID::directions_google & "&destinations="& Institution::directions_google) & "&sensor=false" (Where "directions_google" is my address fields formatted for google, with a couple of relations to identify the start and end for the trip ) The I used a trigger to set the "directions_googleAPI_inserted" field: Insert from URL(Bookings::directions_goggleAPI) Then a calculated field gives me the number I want: Filter ( Parse between (directions_googleAPI_inserted; "distance"; " km" ); "0123456789." ) I get duration with a similar calc: Filter ( Parse between (directions_googleAPI_inserted; "duration"; " min" ); "0123456789." ) (Parse between is a custom function from Brian Dunning's site:)
  4. Duh! I had inadvertently set the file type to merge in my first attempt with the script, and after that missed the option... there's a few hours I'll never get back. Thanks!
  5. I am importing with a script, but I can't get the first record in; the file just starts with data on the first line; I get the second and subsequent records imported, but not the first. Is there some other way around this?
  6. I'm trying to add a header to my bank statement to import it into Filemaker properly, but my script overwrites the first four characters before adding the desired text. I'm quite green with Applescript, and I can't see my mistake. Any help would be appreciated. Here's the beginning of the file before the script (date, amount, transaction type, transaction detail) is run 4/30/12,-63.00,000000399,"Cheque","" and after: ,,, /12,-63.00,000000399,"Cheque","" I wanted to add the ",,, " What's happened to "4/30" ? Here's my script: tell application "Finder" open for access "Macintosh HD:Users:johnnolan:Documents:RandB database FM12:Statements:Exported from containers:temp_statement.csv" with write permission write ",,," & return to file "Macintosh HD:Users:johnnolan:Documents:RandB database FM12:Statements:Exported from containers:temp_statement.csv" close access file "Macintosh HD:Users:johnnolan:Documents:RandB database FM12:Statements:Exported from containers:temp_statement.csv" end tell
  7. Hmm... couldn't we just cobble up a html doc using the elements names for a quick and dirty preview in a wysiwyg editor?
  8. Sorry, I meant through not though, of course! I'd like to get Filemaker to sign in to web pages for me via a script, and then display the resulting web page in the viewer. For example, I'd like to automatically log in to my gmail. Is this possible? It seems to require passing a POST command, and I've looked at several utilities to do that (Scriptmaster, FMNexWeb, the Troi PostUrl plug in). They all seem to offer what I need, but I can't figure any of them out. Too thick I guess! Any pointers would be appreciated.
  9. FM-iCal Connector will allow you to integrate iCal and FM, and use the alarms in iCal. I wouldn't say it's easy to use though. http://www.qutic.com/product/FM-iCal-Connector
  10. You could check this out: http://www.addressbookmanipulator.com/index.php?ID=115
  11. Thanks for that info: I think I have another look at it.
  12. Any one using this plugin? Any opinions or experiences? See: http://www.quart-edv.de/plugins/fmicalconnector_en.html
  13. Mac 0S 10.5.1, FM Advanced 9.0v3 I'm trying to specify a different font in a layout theme file, but I can't get the change to work. I've changed the Windows Standard theme, replacing all occurrences of "MS Sans Serif" with Georgia, but when I create a new layout using the altered theme, all the fields end up as Helvetica. I've tried this with various font names, but the result is always Helvetica. Any ideas what I'm doing wrong? Here's a snippet from the altered file: <?xml version="1.0" standalone="yes" ?>
  14. For anyone who's interested, I've found that placing my calendars in: "Library/WebServer/Documents" allows me to subscribe to them again, using as the URL: "http://localhost/" plus the calendar's file name.
  15. Ouch! You're right, of course. Thanks for the tip. I moved the test file to the FM export location, and got the same familiar error: "Access is denied at http://localhost/~johnnolan/test.ics."
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