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  1. Thanks you both then. I appreciate it. It is so wonderful when something works.
  2. Wow I experimented and figured it out for once. I just added another 'omit record' and it increased the number of NOT omitted records by 1 so I could do delete all records except 2 for example. Thanks for guiding me to discover this. Much appreciation.
  3. Thank you LaRetta, That is a good solution. Could I ask you how to make this apply to other request such as delete all but 2 records or delete all but 3 records, etc. That is just something I would like to know. This situation may come up for me. Thanks
  4. Thank you I want to find a way to find all records that match the current record in the field called 'Unique' so the find is all records that contain the content of "unique" but the contents are from the current record. To me this is a calculation and I am asking how to use the results of a calculation field in a find mode.
  5. Well usually I can write a script that will allow me to copy and paste a find request. I don't understand how you mean using Evaluate.
  6. If i have a calculation field called "UNIQUE" which calculates text from two other fields --- can I direct filemaker to find that content example field unique content is "red23" Is there a way to tell filemaker to find the content of the field "unique"?
  7. I would like to find out if it is possible to delete one record less than the found set / in this case my 'found set' records are identical- i have a need to delete all found records except one. Any suggestions? thanks
  8. I would like to change the color of a rectangular object in my file with different buttons. How can I make this happen? I would like to make a color change script . I don't know how to script that kind of change.
  9. Is it possible with the same file to somehow do a portal to keep all the questions intact? If that is the case I am not sure how to change the random formula to make the hard to answer questions come up more often.
  10. I am trying to make a quizzing system which makes a troublesome area of questions appear more or less depending upon the amount of times they succeed or fail at that question within a record. Each record has a question. I understand how to go to a random record by calculation But I am looking to (by calculation) change the possibility of a record being viewed. I tried adding or subtracting duplicates of a given record but then I have the problem of removing an original record which I don't want to do. My difficulty and need here is to find out how to simply increase the possibility of a record being viewed more often by script or as it is mastered (the answer) a scrip that will lesson the amount of times that question is viewed. If there are 10 questions (records) at the outset, that means based on the total record count each record accounts for 10 percent of the total . With 100 questions each record becomes 1 percent of the total etc. I would like to add two buttons that change the percentage of time that record might appear randomly (either more or less frequently) an add button to increase the frequency slightly that the random record (with problems answering ) shows up. and another button called lessen where it lessons the frequency of that record showing up randomly because that question has been mastered in that record. I have attached an example of what I am trying to do. In my example it simply adds a duplicate of the problematic question if the user selects that button or it removes the record if it is mastered. This all words find but I don't know of a way to at least keep one copy of the record. I don't want to loose the record entirely even if it is mastered. question quiz.fmp12.zip
  11. I would like to find out if there is anyway to change or make custom colors for a filemaker chart If, for example, I have 5 slices I wish I could use red, orange, yellow, green, blue and thats it. Is there any way to change this?
  12. I am trying to find out if there is a way to instantly notify the user if they have an update to their software.
  13. Very Good answers. Much Appreciated. Thank you I am attaching a file with a picture. If I click on the fire in the fireplay then it still highlights. I am trying to get rid of that. Is there any way to get rid of the lighting of the window when I am pressing it? highlight button test.fmp12.zip
  14. Hi I would like to know if there is anyway to disable the highlight function when I click on a button? I don't want to see that highlight whenever I click. Is there a way to remove the highlight somehow? Thanks
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