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  1. Hello, I am attempting to create a portal that will list all of the establishments from one table (REP_establishment_distance (TABLE: ESTABLISHMENTS) ) on another layout REP_Representative (TABLE: Sales_Reps). The problem is I only want to list the records that are within x miles of each other which can/is calculated with a Custom Coordinate Function. In the REP_ table, I have a static fields called WithinDistServiceArea. In the Establishments, I have a non-stored calculation field called EstRepDist. The distances must be calculated on the fly because there are 150 different Sales Reps and over 60,000 Establishmnets. Each distance is different for each Sales Rep and Establishment; I calculate over 9,000,000 different combinations to calculate the distances. I do not believe a JOIN table would be feasible, but then calculating each distance everytime the REP_ layout is opened would not be feasible either. What would you suggest? I have thought about manually selecting each Establishment, a one-time search for any distances (using a looping script which I already have to export the locations of the Establishments into a KML or XML file for Google Maps/Google Earth) but when new establishments are added, this would not work. Thank You and God Bless! David
  2. Good Day! I have hit a barrier here; what I am attempting to have FileMaker calculate the "as the crow flies" distance from a base point to ANY/ALL of the other locations I have in FileMaker. (i.e. Base1 -> Loc1 Base1 -> Loc2 Base1 -> Loc3 ... ) I can do this because I have imported all of the Lat/Long coordinates for these address in the database, but what I also ned to do is export these locations to a map service as simple map-marker with additional informations (i.e. Location Description, Photos, etc.). + Google Earth -- I have done this, and it works! + Yahoo! Maps -- I was able to, BUT I have over 50,000 locations and even using 100 of those locations with Yahoo! Maps, the web page moved at a subatomic pace. + Google Maps -- I have NOT been able to get this setup; I do have an API key though as it was used to find the coordinates for addresses. + Perhaps, if there is another solution to fulfill what I am looking for, I am open ears. I would like to use Google Maps (they have a new feature for Marker Managament too) because I do not have to carry/send KML files for Google Earth, I simple have to give a URL to the web site that contains the mapped locations and that person can do with it what they must in order to fulfill their duties. Also, either for Google Maps or Google Earth, setup works closly the same, I would like to use a circular overlay to display the radius from the "Base1" and encompass all locations within 'x' mile range. This would enable me to be able to see that either; a) If there are locatons JUST outside of the 25 mile radius that the "Base1" could be associated to or; Show where the 'x' mile marker ends and show (visually) the number of Locations (Loc1, Loc2...) withinthat 'x' mile radius. Hopefully this isn't asking too much, but this is my biggest task. I have FileMaker 8.5 by the way. Thank you for your help and God Bless! David Garza
  3. Hello, I have a datbase of talk show guests, however I need to input 5-10 different contact numbers and email addresses per guest. I tried this when I first started with FM and I used repeating fields, not going that way now. I want to use a portal, however how can I do this with a self-join relationship when there are over 25 other fields besides the email address or telephone number fields? Wouldn't I be creating duplicate Guests in our database in order to put in one phone number or email address per record? Thanks and God Bless! David
  4. Hello, I am trying to find the value of the field Full Name (located in a portal row) in standard field(which is in ValueList format). i.e. Case ( DB1::Full Name = DB2::CombinedFullName; "Yes, the value of Full Name does exist somewhere in the field CombinedFullName; "No, the value of Full Name does NOT exist anywhere in the field CombinedFullName" ) If only one value exists in CombinedFullName, then it comes back true, otherwise it doesn't find it. Thanks and God Bless! David Ps. I am trying to use a Calculation; non-scripted if possible.
  5. Hello, As I am trying to expand my experiance, I'm trying to make calculations harder on myself so I can learn. Here is what I did with finding the month number from a Month Name: Let ( list = ValueListItems ( Get ( FileName ) ; "Month List" ); ValueCount ( Left (list ; Position ( list ; Month::SelectMonth ; 1 ; 1 ) + Length ( Month::SelectMonth ) ) ) ) SelectMonth Values: January Febraury March April May June July August September October November December I didn't want to hardcode any months even though I could have used a simple Case function; what other ways are there to calculate a month number based on its name? Thanks and God Bless! David
  6. Hello, To answer your question the best I know how: I am attempting to perform two lookups at different times. lookup 1: When the Contact Name changes, it will lookup the Contact's ID # and display it on the page. lookup 2: When the ID # changes (if I enter a contact ID # manually), I would like it to lookup the NEW contact name based on the NEW ID # I had entered. The way it seems to be happening is, when I change the Contact Name, it attemps to change the Contact ID (From a lookup), however the Contact ID then does a lookup on the OLD name and reverts the Contact Name back to the old contact name. THe same thing happens with the Contact ID #. I guess i don't know how to illustrate this in FileMaker. Thank You for all of your help! David
  7. Hello, I've tried my example again and comment's example, and I found neither work. Comments did at first then stopped for some reason. I can lookup the Name based on the ID, but not the ID based on the name. Thanks and God Bless!
  8. Hello, Here is what I am referring to. Please let me know the best way to explain something like this so I know for future. I have attached a demo FP7 file. I have auto-enter calcs for Customer ID and Contact Name (each lookup is dependant on the other field). Thanks and God Bless! Example.zip
  9. Hello, I have my DB laid out as such: Interview::cID Interview::Contact Name I have cID setup to lookup the ID # for Interview::Contact Name, and Interview::Contact Name to lookup the Full Name from the cID #. The problem I come across is one calculates and the other can't for some reason. What can I do to resolve this? Thanks and God Bless! David
  10. Hello, I have a database of abut 4800 radio programs and 3000 radio stations. I am trying to do a drop-down menu of the programs, however FM8 is condensing it and only showing the first show by that name. For example, "Morning Show", FM is only showing Morning Show for KCTX-FM even though a show by that same name is also on 10 other stations in the US and in my database. How can I stop it from doing this? I added an additional field next to it, the program name and the station it is on, however that station has two shows in our database, so even if I sort by that station, I still only find one show by that station even though there are two. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks and God Bless! David
  11. Here you are: Set Variable [$starttime; Get ( CurrentTimeStamp )] Loop Exit Loop If [ Get ( CurrentTimeStamp) - $starttime > Time ( 0 ; 0 ; 3 ) ] Perform Script Here.... End Loop Thanks for all of your help and God Bless! David Garza
  12. Hey, thank you for your suggestions! I will keep the ActiveModifierKey in mind for secrete such as logging into another user for permissions. Here is a revised copy of the script: Set Variable [$starttime; Get ( CurrentTime )] Loop Exit Loop If [GetAsTime ( Get ( CurrentTime) - $starttime ) > GetAsTime ( 00:00:03 ) Perform Script Here.... End Loop I changed the time to timeout format because it makes it better if you want to use hours, because before it would default to only seconds. Not you can use hours, such as: 13:27:32 It will timeout in 13 hours, 27 minutes and 32 seconds. Please let me know if there is a better way! Thanks and God Bless! David
  13. Sounds like a good idea. That is the questioned I had asked too: " One other question; can I have global fields in the Settings table and then have regular fields which will hold the data and then the global fields that will always load whatever is in the regular non-global field and then pull that? " But you guys confirmed that this will work. Will this work in all cases? Thanks and God Bless! David Garza
  14. One other question; can I have global fields in the Settings table and then have regular fields which will hold the data and then the global fields that will always load whatever is in the regular non-global field and then pull that? Thanks and God Bless! David
  15. Ok, thank you. I've figured it out. You must use the actual table occurrence that is related to the table you are running the lookup from. DUH! Ok, sorry for wasting your time. It works! Out of curiosity, is there anyway around this? Thanks and God Bless! David Garza
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