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  1. thank u Mr Raybaudi , u r a life saver and problem solver
  2. what u said it sounds good, but how to do it, i don't know how to write the script and other steps to do, and i want to lock all fields after data entry, so it can't be modified later needs help
  3. how i can make a script, that after entering data of all fields in a record , the fields locks and becoming nonmodifecable and new record started
  4. I did it, but how i can make all the pt names appear in one record according to the variable without adding a new record every time, and i found that (i don't know why?) the variables changed in the first original records that related to this variable
  5. dear: thank u for ur help, i saw ur examples, agreat helpfull, but what i want non editable fields i will explain more, i have first tablet (patient information) which contains records about all my pt's including race in popup menu of different values(white, black,..), what exactly i want to make a filter layout or table, that when i insert in race field e.g.white , automaticaly put for me list of all pt's names that are already registered in pt information table and so on. what i understand in ur examples that i have to edit the pt race in this new table and only a sorting method plz help
  6. hi, i did what u said, but doesn't work with me fully, i need that when i put in race field (white), in the portal field i want to see full names of all white patiens recorded before in my patient information table and so on
  7. hi, i am a doctor and i m creating a db for my pt's and i have a field named (race)and i define to it multiple value list as (white, black,..), i want in seperate table in a new field to list all the names of patient that all white, and in other field to list list all the names of patient that all black, so on plz help me, i stucked here for 2 days appreciate that
  8. thank u for ur cooperation with u, god bless u, but i tried and i did it in the same way u did but not works with me, i don't know what is wrong, can u tell me plz a site online that help me to train myself in a simple way and in details about tips and tricks in FM8 thanks
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