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  1. Hey gang: Back to the "well of knowledge" I have a database that I am working on that has client records (name, address, photo etc etc). What I am looking to do is be able to update the records such as changes to address, pictures etc etc and be able to show the changes in a list type format of when they were changed ie time/date stamping I have been able to add the time and date stamp to the records but not sure how to display these changes in a format where they will all be viewable... ie perhaps a portal?? Any help is greatly appeciated Thank you opieos
  2. Hey gang: Back to see if anyone can offer suggestions. I am trying to develop a report from my database. What I am looking to do is have a report available for admin that will sort on each employee and then total (show) the number of cases that they have assigned to them. I have this semi done in a columnar list/report which will list the employee and then under them list the case (and other information I would like in a report.) I am at a lose on how to get a total field for the cases (for each employee) Thank you for any help Opieos
  3. Go figure I'm here looking for some help. I am looking to add a calender to my current solution. I'm hoping to be able to utilize this calender solution as a work scheduler for abotu 10 people. I have altered the Calender for 8.5a to be able to show people the way that I would like in the daily or monthly view but I have to enter them individually as a new record I would like to be able to say enter an employees and a date range of say April 7 to April 11 and a shift as A or B and have it show up in the calender view on all days. Any help or suggestions greatly appreciated Opieos
  4. Hello: Greatly appreciate all the assistance thats been offered here. My latest question is as follows: I have a layout that contains a variety of fields that are completed by one member of my agency. The rest of the members need to be able to view this layout and the records that it contaions however I want to limit the changes that they can make to just one or two fields is this possible? I have tried to play with the access privelages and such but have had little luck figuring it out TIA Opie
  5. John: Thank you for the reply that works they way I'm looking. Out of curiosity how or what would I add to exclude additional records by status (example we have records that are closed, unfound, pending) I have the script set now to exclude closed how can I also exclude unfound at the same time? Thank you Opieos
  6. Hello gang: I'm looking to acheive the following and would appreciate any suggestions. My current database has a main screen which shows all current years records. When a record is completed it is labeled as closed (check box being checked) and or a field with a drop down box which has closed, pending etc listed). I am looking to be able to exclude or hide all closed records from the main screen when the database is opened. Not sure how to accomplish this. Bryan
  7. Thank you soo much.. Note to self when trying to do a calculation and fill in a field make sure that your text isn't white on a white background....spent about 2 hours banging my head on the desk today! :)
  8. Hey gang: I currently have a database that I'm working on. I'm looking to be able to enter the creation date for a record and then use the current date to get the number of days that have elapsed since the record was entered. example date created 01/23/08 current date 01/24/08 leaves a field which shows 1 day. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you
  9. Okay apparently I'm being dense on this one. (well and many others Just can't seem to get it figured out. I'm looking to be able to enter a list of numerous different phone numbers and then upon entering a name and address info for the phone number File maker will go thru and enter the name and address info for the rest of the occurrence of the same phone number ex. 3450000 - I will enter in James Smith and his address then for all occurrences of 3450000 James Smith and his address will be auto added Any guidance’s is greatly appreciated TIA OPIEOS
  10. Have another solution I've been working on whereby a large volume of phone numbers is either individually entered or are imported. What I am looking to due is allow the auto completion of field from the entry into another field example as follows phone # x when entered will auto enter the name and address for the phone number for the rest of the entries (times when phone number x is entered) Hope this makes sense not sure it does to me sometimes :qwery: as a side note is there a consensus on the best reference guide available for version 8?
  11. Thanks ender that works for what I was looking to do
  12. Hey gang. Sorry if this is posted to the wrong forum. I have developed a File maker 8 solution running on Win XP Pro to track the inventory and maintenance for a fleet of vehicles. When a vehicle is entered into a record it is tracked by the VIN (vehicle Identification number) and a car number. (ie license plate) The problem being when we receive new cars the license number is then removed from the old car and put on the new car (currently a new record with the old license number and new VIN is produced). I would like to be able to set the old records to be inactive, in others words not allowing entry or changes to the old records (so that it is available but not listed when a search is conducted for the license number) Can this be accomplished by means of using a check box or what would be the best route? Any help is greatly appreciated
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