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  1. And dont forget with the advantageous release forthcoming of FM9 they'll be able to use FM as a front end for sql (or was it mysql?) in either case 9 will be the end of IT naysayers - to a degree. With 7+'s account and security options, 8+'s object oriented programability, internet posting and odbc controls, an 9's SQL and event driven abilities, there's everything an IT person could want for a database. (I should know, I do IT for my company, and love the cost saving, quick deployment and stability of FM.)
  2. Welp Here it is. I have a database that outputed two types of strings of data, one looks like this: 00 00 00 PROCUREMENT AND CONTRACTING REQUIREMENTS and the other like this: 00 24 16.16 Scopes of Proposals (Multiple-Prime Contract) I need to seperate the numbers in the beginning from the trade name at the end. I've contomplated just writing a calc to erase the numbers, and another to erase the text, would that be the easiest way? Or would a calc that sperated them be the best course of action, and if so, how the heck would you write something like that?
  3. Ok I've never made any calculations that had to parse before but i have alot to import and i definatly don't want to enter this stuff manually. Does anyone know any good in-deapth resources for parsing data?
  4. We're developing an in house training tool and were trying to think of the best way to deploy it, what were thinking now is a FM database with a partnered intranet site for hosting content and such, FM would be more of a user interface and progression assesment tool while the majority of content would be hosted thru the site. We figure if everyone's already on filemaker might as well utilize it to it fullest.
  5. Has anyone seen or heard of any projects, utilizing filemaker as an online trainign program?
  6. Does anyone have any experience or know of any solution where AIA and/or AGC contracts were incorperated into a filemaker solution?
  7. Nemo

    Computer Name

    nice. thanks for the assist
  8. Is there any way to retrieve the computer name in filemaker? I'm speaking of Windows but maybe some mac ideas would work too..
  9. Not so, by defining a global field which populates from a value list containing refrences to all the other fields within each table you can literally change your relationship on the fly, and relate almost any bit of info to any other. True there's more thought needed to design a solution based on this but it's a brilliant idea in my opinion, none the less. You can check out video of the Sep 13 meeting here, under the title Softpaths. http://www.digfm.org/meet1.php3?pg=9&pg2=19
  10. Does anyone know of any flash sites made utilizing filemaker? It would be cool to see some real world applications of it if there are any.
  11. We went to a DigFM meeting at FileMaker Corporate last night, and Michael Harris decribed a way to use the evaluate function as well as global identifiers to make "soft" relationships which could be changed on the fly in browse mode. Goto www.digfm.org to check out his whitepaper, it was pretty cool.
  12. Has anyone ever seen and/or heard about a calulation or script enabling you to edit the relationship graph in browse mode?
  13. I am also looking for a copy of 5.5 does anyone have one they'd be willing to part with$$??
  14. >.< Didn't even think about another window. Much thank's Ender. Just another case of making things more difficult then they need to be.
  15. The calculation is for navigating from a data entry layout to the printed layout then back again. We have many, many layouts and we were hoping to write a script that not only gets you from the data entry layout to the printed and back again but to the specific ab you were on. Each tab has an identifier field and we were hoping to get you back to that tab by using its identifier.
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