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  1. Hi All,  not sure what I did but when I set the script debugger flag to on and then run a script the debugger window is not displayed, nor will the script execute. I have to turn off the script debugger to execute the script.

    Thanks in advance and take care.


    1. Josh Ormond

      Josh Ormond

      You will get more of a response if you post this into the forums, and not as a status update. :)

  2. Hi All, I have not been on the forum for several years - hopefully I'm doing this correctly. I want to identify the Unique Invoice numbers assigned to a sales rep and then count how many Unique Invoice numbers there are. I need the count so a can generate the average value of each sale. Example (first 30 records): Rec - Sales Person Rec Num (Invoice) Summary Adam Cravens 2040122 Adam Cravens Adam Cravens 2040122 2040122 Adam Cravens 2040122 2040129 Adam Cravens 2040122 To
  3. Hi All, I have a layout that allows a user to select the invoices they want to pay, this layout also has a running total, with a restart after each change in the vendor name - telling them the total amount due for all invoices for a given vendor. What I want is to set the final amoount to a BOLD font or just display the summary over the vendor and not the running total - any ideas?
  4. Hi, We created an Accounts Payable System using 8.5, one of the daily tasks is to extract/import data from our MFG Application (developed with 5.0) to a set of tables in AP - when we try to do the import FM 8.5 wants to convert the file - which we can't allow - is there a way to open a FM 5.0 using 8.5 and importing the data or do I need to build script on 5.0 and create another file type with the data I need for the AP system? Thanks
  5. HI, This may do the trick IF [isEmpty (TABLE NAME:: D)] Beep Else Insert Calculatd Results [a; a = b] You may have play with the syntax Take Care Buck
  6. Hi Lee, Thanks for the idea - I will give to a try - what I hoping for - that I could open the table in a read mode (preview) and have the ability to run scripts. Take Care, Buck McCune Perpendicular Systems
  7. Hi, I wrote an AP Application that did not address read-only access - I now need to allow a user the ability to search certain tables for a given record (an invoice or check record) and if found allow them to look at it and print it (an option);I currently have a different sub-system that is handling these read only requests - once the user enters the find key and the find is valid the script goes into "PREVIEW MODE" and calls a new layout - with in this layout I have two buttons - one calling a script to return to the previous screen and one to print it. The BUTTONS are not working - I'
  8. I'm seeking a way to view each character of a field and determine if it's a number or text character - I've made several attempts but have failed to figure it out - I can do the whole field (TextToNum), but not down to the character level?
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