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  1. I host a PHP Web site that is connected with FX.php to a FileMaker 8 Advanced data base. The database contain PDF stored in multimedia fields (fields that can contain files). I can make links to those files trough Web pages. Ex. "http://localhost/fmi/xml/cnt/data.cnt?-db=DEVSymmdutv193&-lay=XME_Web_SectionSFTest&-recid=3055&-field=Sym_pdf_F(1)" When I click on the link, a standard File Download dialog box appears and I have to choose whether I want to open or save the file. If I save the file, there is no problem viewing the PDF file. If I choose to open the file, Acrobat Reader opens but the following message appears "There was an error opening this document. This file cannot be found." I tested it with an excel file and found the same kind of error message. So it is not a Acrobat related problem. It is more on Internet Explorer side. Moreover, it is working perfectly on Safari (Mac) and on Firefox (PC). I think that Internet Explorer either deletes or does not create the temporary file before opening Acrobat Reader. Any Ideas ?? David St-Onge Maerix
  2. Alright but what if I want it in browse mode, not preview mode ... :
  3. I have a litle database about cars. Each car as a color. What I want to have is a portal that list how mush cars I have for each color. Is there a way to do that without scripts ? Thanks ! David St-Onge Maerix inc. www.maerix.com
  4. True ! But Apache is used with FX.PHP to publish PHP pages. IIS still take care of the WPE Console. Note that you have to setup Apache to listen and publish on an other port than 80 (8080 for example).
  5. Hi, I experience a weird display bug in filemaker advance 8 v2 on winXP connected on a FM8SA running on windows 2003. (see image below) The list overlay the statusbar and the footer ?! This bug happen in List mode. This bug does not happen when I use a mac computer with FM Pro 8 v2. Any Idea ??!!
  6. Yes, some of those records have "blank" related fields. And before putting those fields in a portal, the data on the page would'nt display if a related field would be "blank". It really seems that I do not experience this bug.
  7. I use the command "Export Field Content" to copy a PDF file to a temp folder in Windows 2003. I want to use the user temp folder set by the system variable %TEMP%. When I try to specify the output file, I enter this path "filewin:/%TEMP%/MSDSX_A.pdf". I don't think Filamaker support those windows "System variables" ?! Something strange, when I view back the code after entering it the path is modified to : "filewin:/%25TEMP%25/MSDSX_A.pdf". What those "25" are doing there ? Any idea how to use windows system vars in filemaker ? David St-Onge Maerix
  8. andygaunt That's kind of strange because I did put every related field on a portal and it did work. My solution works completely since then. I do not experience this bug ... Good for me ! But kind of weird ?!
  9. Hi JCB, I would like to know if the problem with FMSA 7 prevented your whole page to display or it was just an error or a warning in the log file ? On my side, in FMSA 7 it was just a display in the log and in FMSA 8 it prevent data on the page to display. David St-Onge Maerix
  10. I've built a web solution using FX.PHP and FMSA 7 on a Windows server 2003 with APACHE 2. Everything was ready for the release but I was waiting FMSA 8 before going live. I received my copy of FMSA 8 on Monday and was pleased that my complete FX.PHP site worked well until I reached a specific record using a field on a related table that was empty ... From then, I received those errors on every pages that contain an empty field on a related table thus, no data display at all: (errors form APACHE 2 error log file) PHP Warning: Cannot use a scalar value as an array in [...] section4F.php [...] PHP Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() [...] section4F.php [...] PHP Notice: Undefined variable: findData in [...] section4F.php [...] Is there a problem with FX.PHP (4.0) and FMSA 8 ?? I need to find out fast ! My release date is in 2 weeks ! HELP David St-Onge Maerix
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