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  1. Thank you for the reply. Sorry for being so dumb but could you point me in the right direction as I am new to this and not sure what the code would even look like. Thank you.
  2. Hello, I am trying to find out how one would restrict the number of words returned e.g. I am trying to only have 20 words returned at a time in the Model Description field and after the 20 words have the word 'read more' that jumps to the next page? Sorry very new to Lasso Thank you very much in advanced,
  3. Could someone please post an example of how the basic search page should look before the user hits the submit button i.e. all the html within a few fields. I am very new to this and have tried putting together parts from the forums but to no luck. Thank you.
  4. Hi Stanley Thank you and that makes perfect sense. Thanks again.
  5. Hello, How do you get Filemaker 8 pro to give you a diolog box that would say something like 'Are you sure you want to delete this record' when a user clicks delete? This is for a database thats hosted using IWP? Thanks
  6. OK have the files in the right place but not sure how the web forum that will do the search should look. Could someone please post an example of how the search page should look before the user hits the submit button i.e. all the html with a few fields. Thank you.
  7. Hello, I am trying to covert my old FM6 database (web folder) over to FileMaker 8 Server Advance. I have converted the old database file over to 8 (running on sever advanced) and I have run the old FM6 wed folder via CDML converter. What do I change my old html search page to? Does anyone have a basic custom web publishing solution they could attached so I could get an idea of what all the files need to look like? I am very lost!! Thank you
  8. Hello, How do you turn off the Instant Web Publishing database lists page so a user can go to the database login page only? This is using Server Advanced 8
  9. I am trying to make a portal display on a line a year from a pull down, so if you pick 2005 a list of ONLY 2005 events are show next to it, then when you pick that event the location for that 2005 event is next to that, please take a look at the attached file to see what I have so far. I need this in a portal so I can add many items. Please can you help? Thank you. Help.zip
  10. Help! I think I have a similer problem, I am trying to get a list of years to disply (done that part) with the answer for that year in the next filed then the location for that event in the next and all this is within a portal. I have attache the file as you will understand what I am trying to do better! Please could you help me out? YIM livefeed05 help.zip
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