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  1. No. I meant that we are both developing this solution. Is this possible in 9?
  2. A coworker and myself are working on a database (9.0v3). We would like to be able to work on it simultaneously. 2-days per week I am in the same office as he so it is no problem using our LAN with one of us hosting. The rest of the time I am working from home. What is the best way for us to be able to continue development of our database? Both of us are using Mac G4 laptops. -Chris
  3. I am not sure if this is where I should post this question but.... I have a script that finds the current events in a db (FM 8.5). Current meaning active events that haven't happened yet. The layout I view these events is in list form and I would like to be able to quickly spot the events that share the same date by having their displayed fields ( Artist, Venue, Start date, End date, and Engineer status) backgrounds change from white to a color. If anyone here has any ideas on how to do this I'd appreciate it. Chris
  4. Thanks for your reply. I figured it out after an hour or so. What I did was to use the Set Field script for each of the two fields. Works like a charm. ex: Set Field [ events932::Show status; ("NEED INFO")] and Set Field [ events932::Show eng status; ("NEED TECHS")]. I added these to spript lines underneath the previous 'Set Field' spript line. And it works!! Chris
  5. I would like to know how I change two fields (both with drop-down menues) whenever I run the copy event script. First field is "Show Status" which has 8 choices. The one I want to display on the copied event is "Need Info" Second field is "Show eng status" which has 3 choices. The one I want to display on the copied event is "Need techs". Anyone know how to do this?
  6. Do you mean the date references at the begining of the 'Let' statement? Do I change ApptDateStart to my clients file Show start date and the ApptDateEndCalc to my clients Show end date? And that's it?? Chris
  7. Ok. I'm feeling pretty stupid here. A client of mine has a basic events solution that tracks event, venue, start date, end date. He was tired of looking at the events in list form and asked me to add a month view calendar. After some research I determined that John Sindelars' CC Calendar would be perfect for my clients needs. So I down load the free version but have yet to be able to get the events(appointments if you will) to appear on any of the calendar views. I followed the instructions "Swapping out A New Appointments Table: Free Version" yet still no luck. Anyone here tried integrating this product with their solutions? Chris
  8. Thanks Steven! Yeah. I know it's a bad idea but that's the way this client wants it. Chris
  9. Is it possible to disable the login/password dialog that pops up whenever you launch a file in v. 8.5? If so. How? My client does not need the aggravation nor the security of this feature. Thanks in advance.... Chris
  10. Thanks. Nope. The two fields in question contain text. One is Event and the other is Place. The resulting field should look like; Event/Place
  11. I understood him to mean these quotes(in red) Insert Caclulated Result [select, [color:red]"d_ContractDateOut[color:red]", [color:red]"Lowest Date[color:red]" & ".." &[color:red]"Highest Date[color:red]"]
  12. 1. Why can't you remove the quotes? Good question. in version 6. FM automatically puts them there. 2. Put your pause between 'Insert Calculated Result' and 'Perform Find'. Copy the contents of d_ContractDateOut and paste it here. Not sure what you mean here. Or how I can do this as the window that is being displayed is the PastEventSearch layout. I will try to upload a stripped down copy so you can see what is going on... Best, Chris
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