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  1. I am working with a flat file from a supplier and need to get it into a reliable CSV format. I am using filemaker to port it to this format. One of the issues is that the description field they provide is messy. It has many characters that do not play nice. I am stripping a few using a script to find and replace things such as # signs, commas, semicolons, and other characters to get a clean text. One issue is that I need to remove the " in some fields - but I cannot find a way to do a find and replace on " How can I clean the fields that have these - it needs to be something scriptable since this process will be ongoing.
  2. im thinking I need to not use three tables and combine the food water and utensils into one table with a TYPE field and blend the unique fields on each into one table and only use the needed field on each layout... this would give me a one to one portal on locations Would this be a better approach? i was just typing that as you were hahah
  3. Im having a total brain cramp. I know how to connect a portal to show direct one to one relations... however, my situation is this: I have a table called LOCATIONS. In it is locID, locName, locDescrip I have several other tables - a Food table, a Water table, and a Utensils table. Each of those three tables use the Locations table in a drop down to set where each record item is located. On the layout used to define locations, Id like a list of ALL items - water, food, utensils - that use that specific location record. Not sure how to build a portal that looks at all three tables to see if it has the loc used and return it to the location layout for that record.
  4. get Hostname - which is the machine name on the mswindows side of the house. As for service response, this app isnt something like a business ERP system or anything of the like - its more of an app geared towards hobbyists of a specific area. You make a good point though of possibly isolating a user if they wanted to reinstall and run right away. Not sure how to accomplish that on this - if it were a larger scale project, Id look at some web based type key issue ect... but this is such a narrow project, and small return that it doesnt allow for something that elaborate. Any suggestions from folks out there reading this? one thing that would solve the reinstall issue is that I have a 30 day "trial" time built in, and by reinstalling, it would allow that 30 days again. Now having it this way leaves the hole open for someone to keep doing a backup of the data, reinstalling, then recovering the back up - but I think I may have an idea how to get around that - where a file is written to a location other than the app directory and is checked to see if it is there. if it is, limit the demo to a few days, or even not at all.
  5. I think I have a viable working solution. Instead of going the get nic route, I am getting the machine name and using a formula to convert it to a number. When they register and buy the unlock key, they will supply this number - I then use a formula to create a different number based on it and compare it when they enter it. If it passes the logic, it continues the startup, if not, it prompts them to either register or re-enter a valid key. Im taking it a step further and building in a demo time - where when the app is first launched it fills the current system date into a hidden field, then upon start up I look to see if that date is within X, once out, I says they must register and buy the unlock key described above. If I lock down the app where they cannot change that date field, nor even see it, and using the machine name formula to unlock key, I think it will get me what I need. The only caveat is it will be a manual process - I wont be able to have them register and systematically issue a key online - I will need to personally send the key via email. I know automation could be done, but 1, thats more time and cost - and 2, above my level at this point. Does my approach seem ok? anyone see any major holes in it? I guess the issues I see are: 1. what happens if someone renames thier system often? Dont knwo why they would, so this would be the exception to the rule. 2. Buys new PCs often - forcing a re-reg process. Again, Id have to cover that support manually after the sale.
  6. the problem I will have with this market is one person buying it and giving a copy to 20 of their freinds. In this case, the screen stamped with customer name would nto be a deterrent. I need to have simple way of stopping that - and am open to suggestions. The market this will see is prone to "friends sharing with friends". upgrading hardware would be a pain - the user would need to reinstall and then request a new product key. Im not sure how to approach this to balance ease of use as keeping it simple. The money isnt there for anything robust or elaborate - yet if I dont protect it, I will lose a good bit of sales just due to sharing among users.
  7. Yes I am on a windows machine doing the development - but the solution will be cross platform. In the webviewer, Im simply pointing it to a url jpg location: for example: http://www.magicvault.net/1.jpg to test. I plan on scripting the 1.jpg to randomize among a dozen or so images - which each will be linked to a different site, but for now, its not pulling any html code, just the jpg
  8. I have a solution I will be selling as a stand alone application. Part of it involves a section of the app to display images - somewhat like banner ads, and have them linked to the website associated with it. I know I can accomplish this via the web viewer and doing some scripting to get a random image served each time... however, I cannot figure out how to get the webviewer box to go away and just show the image - if there is a way to kill the boundary of the viewer, I think that will work for me. If you have any other suggestions for approach what would be essentially a clickable banner ad, that pulls the ads from a web location, Im open to ideas.
  9. thanks. Basically I am just trying to prevent someone from buying the solution and making copies for a dozen friends. Id like the solution to tie itself to the machine it is installed on. Im not too worried about someone with FMP knowledge breaking it apart and getting inside it. The solution is for a VERY small demographic, so I do not want to put anything elaborate and time/money consuming into it - yet I want to minimize the illegal sharing of it.
  10. I have a solution I am bringing to a very small and narrow market. Rather than doing something elaborate, I am looking for a very simple approach to protect it. Registration will be via email, and the user will initially have a 30 day grace period to register - I can accomplish that by writting the system date to a field and comparing ect... I thought about how to generate a unique key that gets emailed to me - that binds the solution to that user's pc. I thought about getting the system NIC, but if they have multiple NICs, or flip from wifi to hardline, that would cause issues. I then thought - what about using the get hostname and apply a formula to convert it to some format that tweaks it to something less obvious... I then use that kep emailed to me to generate a regkey that the script will compare to make sure the logic comes out true and allows it to continue to function. Has anyone approached regkeys in this manner? Also - if anyone has better suggestions on how to deploy a very simplified protection, Id love to hear more, or maybe see a sample. Thanks all!!!
  11. I have been digging through help and cannot find the answer to this - When using the Get(SystemNICAddress) calc, what happens if the machine has TWO network cards, or one hardwire and one wireless? Suppose both are active? or the machine is a laptop and sometimes uses the hardwire, and sometimes the wireless? IS there a way to specifiy WHICH nic to get, or somehow get ALL nic addresses?
  12. Thanks guys - I never realized it showed a ? when the field was too short. Never ran into that before - dunno how! hahaha I do see it working now taking the first true hit. Thanks! I should have took more time and dug into it before posting.
  13. I have the following formula: Case( Beginners _ Kids Magic = "Yes" ; "Beginner Magic"; Card Deck = "Yes" ; "Card Magic"; Card Magic = "Yes" ; "Card Magic"; Close_Up Magic = "Yes" ; "Close Up"; Collectibles _ Historical = "Yes" ; "General Magic"; Comedy Magic = "Yes" ; "Comedy Magic"; Easy To Demo _Shop_ = "Yes" ; "Beginner Magic"; Fire Magic = "Yes" ; "Fire Magic"; Gambling Magic = "Yes" ; "Gambling Magic"; Gospel Magic = "Yes" ; "Gospel Magic"; Magic For Kids = "Yes" ; "General Magic"; Magic Set = "Yes" ; "Magic Sets"; Magic Staples _ Consumables = "Yes" ; "Supplies"; Mentalism = "Yes" ; "Mentalism"; Money Magic = "Yes" ; "Money Magic"; Seasonal _ Christmas = "Yes" ; "Seasonal Magic"; Seasonal _ Halloween = "Yes" ; "Seasonal Magic"; Stage Magic = "Yes" ; "Stage Magic"; Street Magic = "Yes" ; "Street Magic"; "General Magic" ) Basically I have a table with many fields - all having a Yes or No answer. I want to create one master field that is based on those - the above works except when where are YES answers to more than one column. I was expecting it to just take the last true hit and use that value, but instead I get a ? as the result when there are more than one true hit. How can I fix this so it takes the last true hit and uses that value?
  14. Not quite sure where to post this... I am creating a tool for serveral people to use. It will be installed on each person's PC, and will be s stand alone - no network or unified database. So each person will basically have thier own copy of this. I have a table that will contain profile information that will be used everywhere else in the database. Things like the person's name, phone number, email address, photo, ect... Those elements will be used in conjunction with the data tracked - sales leads basically. They will use the database to print forms that have these profile fields merged... For example, one of the forms will be a followup letter that pulls thier name and address to include as the listed salesperson contact. I could accomplish this by setting all the fields in the profile table to global, and use some type of security to restrict new records... but I wanted to check with those of you out there doing this already and see what is the best approach? Would it be better to not make them global and still use security to limit the record? Anyone have an example file they can share on creating a "profile or parameters table"?
  15. Ive finally decided I have had enough of the crashes, the lag, the issues with my PC and am moving to a Mac. I know NOTHING about macs. Zippo Ziltch! With that said, I have to ask a very basic question... Will the fp7 files I created with FM for Win open and be able to be used on FM for MAC? Are they any issues or caveats? Any tips or advice to someone coming over from the darkside?
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